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July 12, 2024

Social Desires + Global Aim = Personal Fulfillment

Social Desires + Global Aim = Personal Fulfillment

Social desires + global aim = personal fulfillment, global balance and harmony.

We have natural—and purposeful—physical and social desires.

Physical desires, essential for survival, can be fulfilled by ourselves while social desires can only be fulfilled through others.

Social desires are necessary for the survival of the society; however, when we use our social desires selfishly, it leads to a never-ending pursuit of more. On the global level, this creates social, economic and political imbalance.

We can choose to fulfill our social desires for ourselves or for the whole of our society.

Obviously, choosing society’s benefit over our own creates positive results at all levels.

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Kabbalah Is a Never-Ending Adventure

Kabbalah Is a Never-Ending Adventure

When we enter the spiritual world, we will find ourselves in a never-ending, wonderful adventure that will leave us agape with awe.

We cannot take a train or a plane to the spiritual world because it is within us. To enter spirituality, we need only evoke the spiritual sensation within us, sharpen our senses, and open our perception to what is right here.

We will then find ourselves in a never-ending, wonderful adventure that will astonish and fill us with awe; from then on our sense of awe will be never-ending.

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Ask Life’s Deepest Questions


Kabbalah lets us ask life’s deepest questions & feel the intimate, profound fulfillment from fully answering them.

Why are we here? What does the future hold? How can we avoid suffering?

These are questions we all want answered. The wisdom of Kabbalah provides answers to these questions and many more. It allows us to ask and experience the intimate, profound fulfillment that comes with answering the deepest questions to the fullest. This is why it is called “the wisdom of the hidden.”

Kabbalah teaches that we all want to enjoy. Kabbalists call this “the will to receive delight and pleasure,” or simply, “the will to receive.” This propels all of our actions, thoughts, and feelings, and Kabbalah depicts how we can realize our desires and fulfill our wishes.

Although the wisdom of Kabbalah often tends to sound technical or obscure, it is important to remember that this is a very practical science. The people who mastered it and wrote about it were just like you and me. They asked the same questions: “Why are we born?” “What happens after we die?” “Why is there suffering?” and “Can I experience lasting pleasure, and if so, how?” They discovered the answers to these questions, implemented them in their own lives and wrote texts so we may know these answers, also.

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Kabbalah’s Guide to Absolute Pleasure

Kabbalah's Guide to Absolute Pleasure

Kabbalah comes from the word “to receive”: how to receive absolute pleasure correctly in all of one’s desires.

The science of Kabbalah is called the “science of reception,” from the word “Le Kabbel” (“to receive”): how to receive correctly in all of one’s desires an absolute and eternal pleasure. A person can achieve that, arriving at it only if the person begins to work correctly with the egoistic and altruistic parts of desires. When one is able to receive and give simultaneously, then the person receives such a desire where the pleasure never ceases. As a result of attaining the goal of the method through study, self research and analysis, one attains a clear perception and sensation of eternity and perfection.

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The Law of Love and Harmony

The Law of Love and Harmony

The wisdom of Kabbalah is a science that reveals the superior guidance behind the whole of creation.

All of reality is guided by one inclusive law called “the law of nature” or “the law of the Creator.” This general law of nature, the Creator, is all-encompassing love, harmony and benevolence.

As we must understand basic laws of physics, chemistry and biology to lead normal lives, we must also realize this inclusive law of creation—and live by it–to spare us suffering, wars, and natural disasters and bring us to a state of balance and harmony.

Kabbalah teaches us how to discover this law.

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