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July 20, 2024

The Door to Eternity Is Inside You

By studying how we can change ourselves, we can do so quickly & enter the state of perfection & eternity. [Tweet This]


In order to enter the level of eternity, perfection, we must study harmony from nature, its perfection, the mutual cooperation there, its interdependence, and imitate it. By knowing themselves and by their efforts, each person enters into the level of mutual cooperation like the cells in our body. Full mutual cooperation brings a guarantee for an absolutely healthy system, and then we feel ourselves at the level of eternity, perfection, complete harmony.


Reach Perfection Together

Reach Perfection Together

The difference between man and woman in our world is the consequence of the relationship between the male and female parts of the soul. In the spiritual world the male and female parts of the soul complement each other. Together they comprise perfection.

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If You Want to Attain Your Ultimate Development without Suffering, Kabbalah Has the Instructions

If You Want to Attain Your Ultimate Development without Suffering, Kabbalah Has the Instructions

“Only in the process of studying authentic Kabbalistic texts do you connect with the Upper World and evoke upon yourself the influence of the Upper Light, which can transport you from the perception of this world to the perception of the Upper World. There is no other method that can allow you to achieve such a transformation! Therefore, when the world and you are ready for it, Kabbalah becomes revealed and is offered to you as the method of correction.”

~ Dr. Michael Laitman, in “Why Is Studying Kabbalah Good for You.”


3 Questions about Kabbalah the Wise Seeker Wants Answered

  • What is the essence of Kabbalah?
  • Is the purpose of Kabbalah aimed at life in this world or in the future one?
  • Who benefits from Kabbalah: the Creator or His creatures?

Read on to find the answers to these crucial questions…


The 2 Paths of Personal Development and Your Choice in Between Them

Two paths of development in the right direction are prepared for us:

  • A path of suffering that compels us to escape it. We do not see the goal and are forced to run away from the pain. This path is called “unconscious evolution,” or “a path of pain.”
  • The path of conscious, painless, and quick spiritual development by following the Kabbalistic method, which facilitates a quick attainment of the desirable result.


How Kabbalah Brings You to Self-Perfection, in a Nutshell

The purpose of all the laws of development using the method of Kabbalah is to recognize the good and evil within us, and develop recognition of evil (i.e. the recognition of the egoistic will to receive within us as the source of all pain). By observing the spiritual laws, we can rid ourselves of all evil. This is because the difference in one’s development creates either a deeper, or a more superficial, recognition of evil, and a more powerful or less powerful desire to be rid of it. The game of self-perfection is centered on intensifying the recognition of evil and also the desire to be free from it.

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How to Ripen to Perfection in Kabbalah’s Light and Turn Bitter to Sweet

How to Ripen to Perfection in Kabbalah's Light and Turn Bitter to Sweet

The Secret to Seeing the Sublime Sweetness of Creation beyond the Illusion of Evil

Kabbalists who attain the Creator feel that He is absolutely kind. They explain that He cannot cause even the slightest pain to anyone in the world because egoism, the will to enjoy for oneself, the cause of every unpleasant sensation, is absent in Him. On the other hand, we do harm to others for the sole purpose of satisfying our own want for something. If this feeling did not have a constant grip on man, there would be no foundation for evil in the world. Since we perceive the Creator as absolutely perfect and whole, the absence of the will to “acquire” in Him leads to the absence of any evil in Him.If this is the case, then He should appear to us as absolutely kind, a sensation that seizes every one of us in moments of joy, delight, and fulfillment. However, since everything we feel comes from the Creator, all of His creatures should feel only good and kindness… And what do we feel instead?!


A Must-Not-Miss Lesson on the Unripe Fruit that Boosts Confidence and Turns Bitter to Sweet

The whole of nature consists of four levels: inanimate, vegetative, animate, and human. Each level undergoes purposeful development: slow, gradual, cause-and-effect growth. This resembles a fruit growing on a tree that becomes appealing and edible only at the end of its ripening.

Yet, how many intermediate states has the fruit gone through from the beginning to the end of its growth? The intermediate states reveal nothing about the fruit’s final condition, when it becomes mellow and sweet. Rather, the opposite occurs: as good as the ripe fruit is at its end, so is it bitter and hard during its ripening.

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Introducing the Ultimate Guide to Expanding Your Perception of Reality

Introducing the Ultimate Guide to Expanding Your Perception of Reality

Why Your Perception Is Limited

The evolution of humankind on an egoistic basis (for myself alone) caused the creation of a deep chasm between the moral level of humanity and the technological level it reached. That is exactly what Plato and Aristotle feared when they prohibited the study of sciences to those of unworthy moral standards.

There is not a shadow of a doubt that there is a connection between the moral degree of a person, meaning their intentions, and their scientific ability. Without the intent to discover the Creator and understand the purpose of creation, scientific studies only reveal a certain aspect of the laws of reality and how they work in our narrow world. After all, we study reality from an egoistic perspective, and therefore we perceive only certain connections out of all the details of our surrounding reality.

Each law acts in all the realms of creation, in this world and in the spiritual world. But we can see its full range of operation only if we too are in a realm that encircles the whole of creation. For that we must be compatible with the attributes of the realm we want to encircle—altruistic attributes of giving, the attributes of the degrees of the upper worlds.


How Your Internal Properties Dictate What You See and Feel

We do not change nature on our own. The attributes of nature never change, and there is also no change in the interconnections between the forces of nature. But nature looks different according to the attributes of its researcher. Nature shows a different aspect, not a different law, and we understand only what we perceive and feel through our five senses. Hence, our feeling is forever personal and subjective.

Because all people have a common nature, we perceive the world in the same way at first. Nature remains unchanged, but when we change ourselves, we feel that nature’s laws operate differently on us. We change the way we are exposed to the laws of nature. That is why Malachi says, “I the Lord do not change” (3:6). It is indeed surprising that we can change the things around us, when in fact nothing really changes but ourselves. We feel as though nature changes because of the change within.

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