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July 12, 2024

How Can I Explain “Connection Between Souls” and “Taking Others Into Consideration” To Others? They’d Think I’ve Gone Crazy!

Dr. Michael Laitman

Question by a Student: I’m at a dead end, because [as one who studies Kabbalah] I can’t talk to others about the “connection between souls,” because they’d think I’m crazy. Even in the situation we’re in today, if I’d talk to another person about “taking others into consideration,” they’d continue calling me abnormal…

Answer by Dr. Michael Laitman: No, explain it to them consistently: Our problem, in every unsuccessful area of our lives, is in the connection between us. Whether it’s in finance, banking, security, in everything there is in the world…

The world lacks nothing. You know what, there are studies showing that, in terms of what each nation contains, humanity doesn’t have to suffer, and we can live a good life, but the problem is in the connection between us. We’re incapable of correcting it, but what can we do? Whether we like it or not, Nature necessitates us.

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