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July 18, 2024

Enter the Zohar to Build Your Soul

Enter The Zohar to Build Your Soul

The structure of the soul is reception, bestowal, and the middle line, which is the proper combination between them.

In our relationships we deal with the forces of bestowal and reception. They are both forces of nature. When I combine them in the right way, then the middle line or the soul is formed out of them. The Zohar shows us how to build our reality out of them so we are above the force of bestowal and the force of reception. The Zohar brings the middle line to us from Above. While reading it, we have to try to become included into that line. Then we are tuned to the same wave through which the Light comes to us and returns us to the Source, the Creator.

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Command the Force That Can End Human Suffering

Command the Force That Can End Human Suffering

Until we correct ourselves, change our nature from egoistic to altruistic, there will be hunger, disease and inequality in the world.

Today, Nature forces us to gain love for our neighbors since the only alternative to it is death from hunger, disease, and cataclysms. It’s our duty to form an alternate force that would oblige us to move towards mutual love. What kind of force is that? It is our surroundings that are organized in a way that pushes us to unite even more than ecology, economics, education, possible lack of food supply do. Society must be strong enough to sustain our egoistic nature, impose a new type of relations among us, and thus lead us from one edge to another—from hatred to love.


Why You Should Listen to Your Inner Demands

Why You Should Listen to Your Inner Demands

We are entering a specific phase of development where an inner demand to know ourselves is being revealed in us.

We need to do some soul-searching. Our society is sick, dominated by interests that don’t want correction. The internal cancer that is eating us is human egoism. We need to discover it and begin treatment. Internal change comes from the study of human nature and developing the ability to use the ego correctly in relationships with others. Society will improve only when the individuals that compose it, the people, will change for the better.

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How We Are All Interconnected?


Dr. Michael Laitman: We are totally interconnected in a single world. No matter how many times we “play” in political strategies and other games, our connection only grows, showing greater interdependence of people, nations, countries, as well as our dependence on the environment.

In fact, we are in a closed sphere, which affects us all around through the principle of unity. However, our egoism is opposed to this; on the contrary, it divides us, literally tears us apart. Thus, today the antagonism between nature and our nature is manifested.

That is why nature leads us to integration by harsh methods. The whole history of the 20th century proves this.

Today, whether we like it or not, it is already impossible to play protectionism. A good connection is not a nice slogan, but an urgent necessity, stemming from all the studies, the facts. The world is integral; we are not. So, we need to change.

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The Secret to a Relationship of Complete Fulfillment

When a Man and a Woman Bond... [Kabbalah Quote]

When a man and a woman bond for the purpose of attaining a higher goal, they create a spiritual vessel between them, which doesn’t exist in reality. This vessel is neither feminine nor masculine, but a new vessel, in which they receive the sublime abundance – eternal and complete.

Such a life is unattainable alone. Couples who understand that mutual spiritual growth is the most precious gift that they can give to one another are the happiest couples. Their relationship acquires a deeper and genuine meaning, and they march together on a path of happiness and fulfillment. Read More »

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