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March 27, 2023

Archive for April, 2007

VIDEO: What is Prayer in Kabbalah?

Prayer – a person’s request to a higher power – is discussed by highlighting fundamental differences between prayer in religion to prayer in Kabbalah.
Click here to view this video at Kabbalah TV

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Kabbalah Today – Issue 3 Out Now

Kabbalah Today

The e-version of Kabbalah Today (issue #3 May, 2007)—Bnei Baruch’s monthly paper—is now available.

Love is the theme of this month’s issue: the importance of love as a means to achieving eternal life and harmony, and the ways by which we can develop it. Here is an overview (with links) of the paper’s sections:

Love, Love, Love
Love, Love, Love

Feature Article
Kabbalah says that the only force in reality is the force of love. Evidently, without love, there is no life. This is why Kabbalah says that Creator, nature and love are synonymous. more…

Camp Mount Sinai
Camp Mount Sinai

Section: On the Topic
The Creator is love. This is why He can sustain and provide for the whole of creation. In Kabbalah, Mount Sinai is the hatred we must climb to achieve the Creator, the quality of love. more…

Baal HaSulam
Rabbi Yehuda Leib HaLevi Ashlag (Baal HaSulam) – 1884-1954

Section: Kabbalah Icons
Rabbi Yehuda Ashlag is better known as Baal HaSulam (Owner of the Ladder) for his Sulam (Ladder) commentary on The Book of Zohar. This work, and his commentary on the Holy Ari’s The Tree of Life, have made him the foremost Kabbalist of the 20th century, as well as one of the greatest Kabbalists of all time. more…

Omnipotent Magician
The Omnipotent Magician Who Could Not Be Alone

Section: Specials
A double-page, picturesque journey into this tale for grown-ups. more…

Lights and Vessels

Section: Kabbalah Sketches
Reality is made of Lights and vessels that receive them. Kabbalah Sketches explains how it happens, focusing in this issue on the four phases of creation’s emanation. more…

All's Well that Ends Well
All’s Well that Ends Well

Section: Kabbalah Sources – Clear and Simple
Kabbalists reached the top of the spiritual ladder and declared that there isn’t, never was and never will be any “bad” in reality. more…

The Zohar
A Glimpse of Radiance

Section: Kabbalah Sources – The Zohar
All the Kabbalists dreamed of our time, when all humanity could discover the wonders they had. By reading the authentic texts they left for us, we can achieve spiritual and physical harmonious perfection. more…

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‘Kabbalah Today’ uses mass media to hasten final redemption

Jerusalem Post

JERUSALEM POST (April 23, 2007): The mass dissemination of Bnei Baruch’s paper Kabbalah Today is the subject of Matthew Wagner’s article today in the Jerusalem Post.

Wagner explains Bnei Baruch’s objectives for Kabbalah Today using quotes from an interview with Kabbalah Today’s executive editor Chaim Ratz, and presents a basic argument of how Bnei Baruch’s approach differs from traditional Jewish approaches to Kabbalah in its aims to mass disseminate the wisdom.

Click here to read the article

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Kabbalah Video Collections

Bnei Baruch has added 50 new videos to their site assorted into 5 collections; aimed at assisting one’s early stages of investigation into Kabbalah.

About Kabbalah and Kabbalists
About Kabbalah and Kabbalists

Clips from Kabbalah lessons, documentaries and docu-dramas of
Kabbalah’s basic concepts, history, evolution and the force of development, key Kabbalists and their books.

Talks and Interviews
Talks and Interviews

Rav Michael Laitman, PhD and other Bnei Baruch spokespeople
in interviews with scientists, artists, TV hosts and authors.


Kabbalah feature films and documentaries.

Integral Consciousness
Integral Consciousness

Coverage of science and spirituality forums events
addressing issues of global concern and world reform.

Kabbalah Revealed - Short Clips
Kabbalah Revealed – Short Clips

Clips taken from the TV series Kabbalah Revealed to
aid one’s early stages of investigation into Kabbalah.

Click here for the Kabbalah Video Collections index page

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Welcome to the Official Kabbalah Blog of Bnei Baruch

Welcome to the official Kabbalah Blog of the Bnei Baruch World Center for Kabbalah Studies. This blog will make it easier for everyone to stay up-to-date with the latest Bnei Baruch news, website updates, events and content additions, as well as providing unique content unavailable on any other Bnei Baruch platform.

Bnei Baruch hopes that this dynamic environment will give people—from the spiritually curious to the regular Kabbalah student—an opportunity to stay connected to the most exalted thoughts about our life’s purpose.

Through Kabbalah we can reveal nature’s complete picture, achieve world peace, eternal life and unbounded fulfillment, all while living in this world. This blog is a part of Bnei Baruch’s many efforts aimed solely at achieving these goals.

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