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July 17, 2024

Archive for April 27, 2007

Let Nature Guide Us to Godliness

Essence of Life

Bnei Baruch’s latest installment in Shari Arison’s Essence of Life webzine is an article discussing altruism as Nature’s law, and humanity in relation to this law. Moreover, it introduces the method of Kabbalah as the means for humanity to consciously realize this law.

Firstly, by defining human drives as egoistic and detrimental to future development, and Nature as altruistic and beneficial to future development, a place for work is presented to humanity: to somehow learn how to become altruistic like Nature. This is the place where the method of Kabbalah enters to change “to somehow learn how to become altruistic” into a time-tested method of “how” to learn and implement altruistic relationships. As is stated in the article:

Kabbalah makes us aware of how much our environment influences our development, and offers a method for using the environment to frame altruistic human development.

The goal of the environment Kabbalists have devised is to guide a person in achieving homeostasis with Nature. As well as being the goal of Kabbalah studies, Kabbalists call this ‘the goal of Creation.’ They state that all of humanity is destined to become equal in form with the Creator, i.e. to become altruistic and function as one interconnected body in relation to the Creator.”

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