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August 11, 2022

Archive for June 11, 2007

The Master Plan

The Spiritual World and This World

Kabbalists refer to the designer of the Master Plan as ‘the Creator,’ and to the Plan itself as ‘The Thought of Creation.’ When Kabbalists talk about Nature or Nature’s laws, they are talking about the Creator.

Thousands of years ago, people couldn’t hide from Nature’s elements as they do today; they couldn’t avoid its hardships as we do in our “manmade” world. And most important, the fear of Nature, and at the same time, the closeness to it, urged many to search for and discover Nature’s plan for them, and coincidentally, for all of us.

Those pioneers in Nature’s research wanted to know if Nature actually had a goal, and if so, what humanity’s role might be in this Master Plan. Those individuals who received the highest level of knowledge, that of the Master Plan, are known as “Kabbalists.”

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