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June 30, 2022

Archive for June 24, 2007

Spiritual Search

One man’s search for meaning in life. A personal story by Bnei Baruch student Ed Stedman discusses the desire to find meaning in life, or what Kabbalists call “the desire for spirituality,” as the final stage of desire emerging in humanity today.

Three years ago I was riding a subway train in Toronto when a short announcement in the newspaper caught my eye. There was to be an introductory Kabbalah lecture at my local library and although I was totally unfamiliar with Kabbalah, I somehow felt that it was an ancient wisdom that might have something to offer me.

This initial lecture by Tony Kosinec (lecturer for the ARI Online Kabbalah Education Center and spokesperson for Bnei Baruch USA) was a mixture of technical diagrams and an assertion that there was some sort of potential power in a unified group of students. I felt compelled to check out this assertion.

That was three years ago and my life has now changed so radically that it seems like another lifetime. What have I learned in three years? more…

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