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January 19, 2022

Archive for August, 2008

Free Live Interactive Kabbalah Course – Begins Sept. 3

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Upcoming 24-Week Semester at the Bnei Baruch Education Center
Begins September 3

What Does the Course Give You?

* A firm basis in authentic Kabbalah methodology, providing a deep understanding of nature, the world, and who you really are

* Practical tools with which to take control of every challenge in life by learning the real rules of the game

* A unique illumination that can be sensed only by the study of authentic Kabbalah texts, an illumination that reveals and helps you realize your life’s true purpose

What Is in the Course?

* 24 weeks of graduated study made simple, starting with fundamentals and progressing through technical aspects of the structure and inner nature of the force and law shaping our lives. You will learn how to connect with this force, and use it for yours and humanity’s benefit

* You’ll discover what Kabbalah is and isn’t, how it defines our perception of reality, what determines our feelings of pleasure and pain and how to correct the source of suffering, how to understand the “language of the Kabbalists” – what the texts are actually talking about, what free will is and how to attain it

* Instruction on how to study from authentic Kabbalah texts

* Study according to the schedule or at your convenience by downloading archived lessons

* Educational forum for direct personal answers by instructors to your questions as they arise in the study

* Free authentic texts and supporting books

* Free access to a virtual community of other students of Kabbalah

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VIDEO: Will Our World Exist Forever?

According to Kabbalah, the answer is: “No, our world will not exist forever.” In fact, our world – in the way we normally think about it – doesn’t exist at all.

How so? Because our world only exists in our perception.

The below video, taken from Rav Laitman’s daily Kabbalah lesson, describes what happens to our world when humanity, as a whole, rises to a new level of perception.

Find Out More About Kabbalah and Our Perception:
* Video – Introduction to Kabbalah
* Video – Kabbalah, Science and the Perception of Reality
* Kabbalah Today Article – I Saw a Reversed World
* Kabbalah Today Article – Our World Is an Illusion—See for Yourself
* Kabbalah Today Article – Garden of Eden / The Revival of the Dead

Click Here to Sign Up for a Free Kabbalah Introductory Course – Starts Soon!


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