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December 6, 2022

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Over 60 Locations Worldwide Meet Online To Celebrate Human Unity

The MegaCongress 2010 Taking Place At Over 60 Locations Worldwide And Broadcast Live On the Internet
at www.kab.tv Aims To Reveal Unity Among People Beyond All Differences

The following is a press release written about the MegaCongress that’s on this weekend. It’s not too late to find the closest MegaCongress Meetup to you or to sign up for MegaCongress updates. Watch the special broadcast live at Kabbalahgroup.info

Tel Aviv, Israel, July 23 2010 — The MegaCongress 2010 hosted by the Bnei Baruch Kabbalah Education & Research Institute – www.kabbalah.info – from July 23 to 25, is a meeting of individuals and groups from over 60 locations around the world to reveal and celebrate human unity beyond all differences.

Broadcast on www.kabbalahgroup.info, the MegaCongress aims to become a place for deeply transformative personal and social experience through intensive studies and activities. It is based on the premise that one’s environment influences the person with its values; and if one wants to make a positive change in one’s life, then one needs one’s environment to support and promote this change.

People are constantly under the influence of the environment to a point where the values of the environment become a person’s values. Understanding this principle, we should think about this question: What values would humanity require to develop in a positive direction? They would have to be values that connect all people and bring them together, and where everyone would benefit. The MegaCongress 2010 aims to be a three-day study, work and celebration of such values, and the beginning of many such events that will aim to build an environment for more and more people to become influenced by these values, as well as start incorporating them into their lives.

Dr. Michael Laitman, founder and teacher of the Bnei Baruch Kabbalah Education & Research Institute, teaches these values daily to students and viewers the world over. There are 12 broadcasts each week of free live online lessons available publicly for viewing at www.kabbalahgroup.info, and the organization also provides free courses and study materials on their website, www.kabbalah.info.

The MegaCongress 2010 will have live broadcasts of lessons with Dr. Michael Laitman, workshops and cultural events on www.kabbalahgroup.info to tens of thousands of participants for the full three days. The event will peak in the All Together cultural event hosted in Tel Aviv’s Trade Fairs Center, broadcast live at 11:00 am until 3:00 pm on Sunday, 25 July Eastern Time (U.S.). Over 3,000 people in Israel will meet in the same building, together with the tens of thousands of connections worldwide in a unique global unity party.

The prominent question that stands in relation to the MegaCongress 2010 is: Why is there such a strong focus on the theme of changing ourselves toward creating connections among all people around the world? Bnei Baruch Education Center director and senior instructor Michael R. Kellogg answers as follows, “Today, people all around the world are feeling an increasing inability to realize security in their lives. Where once you would just need a bit of a brain and ambition to get a job, today these kinds of people are being laid off and looking for what to do. This comes to show us that the connections developed among people are incorrect, i.e. where each one thinks only to find security and luxury for oneself. The change that needs to develop now for humanity to start a positive course of action is a change of connections among people: instead of connecting to others to profit from them, we need to connect to them thinking for their benefit. It seems farfetched to the general public, but when this revolution of values begins to be accepted, we will see just that: a positive revolution in the world we live in. The MegaCongress aims to give the participants a flavor of this new, interconnected world.”

The MegaCongress 2010 aims to create a unique environment that will allow participants to realize the true potential that lies in the correct connection among people. The organizers of the MegaCongress believe that if the people who feel a certain insecurity about their or humanity’s future, could only start clarifying this feeling, and learn how to aim it toward creating stronger connections among people, humanity could then change its course and begin moving toward happiness, peace and prosperity. In other words, this MegaCongress aims to give its participants a taste of an immensely better world, the interconnected world, and practical tools for taking steps toward becoming one big human family.

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