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December 4, 2023

Revolutionary New Zohar Book Debuts At WE!

Available for presale and pickup at WE!

Dr. Michael Laitman’s newest book on the Zohar to electrify WE! Convention.

The excitement is mounting as people worldwide prepare to connect at WE! and unite in a single harmonizing force. The anticipation is electrified exponentially by news of the release of Dr. Michael Laitman’s newest book, Unlocking the Zohar.

The Zohar is the chief and fundamental text for restoring harmony in the world; however its arcane and allegorical language had deterred all but the most advanced Kabbalists from revealing its secrets. Now for the first time in history, a Kabbalist comes forward to make its mysteries knowable to any person desiring its wisdom.

In Unlocking the Zohar, Dr. Laitman provides explanations and detailed examples enabling students to unlock its code and decipher its meaning. Dr. Laitman will be signing books and answering questions at WE!  Find out more about this new release here. It can be purchased online and picked up at the 2011 World Kabbalah Convention. Unlocking the Zohar is one of three new Kabbalah books premiering at WE!


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