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December 9, 2022

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Integrality – The Next Level Of Sensation, Attainment And Information

Integrality - The Next Level Of Sensation, Attainment And Information

If I tune into the global, integral system, then I have to include everyone around within me. Otherwise I won’t be able to connect with them harmoniously.

Therefore, I have to experience and understand everyone. That is, I have to reveal all of my qualities and all of the inclinations that exist in me from the beginning, but that are concealed or distorted by Nature for now.

I have turned myself into an egoistic mutant! But if I start revealing these qualities inside me, I will discover an ability to feel the whole of Nature—the still, vegetative, and animate parts of it—as well as all of humanity, and even beyond.

When we include everything within us, when all the streams of information, thoughts, and desires pass through me, I begin to feel the following, higher level of Nature, its plan, its overall thought, the cause and effect, its goal, and the final state of my existence.

In every piece or fragment of Nature’s actions, we see a cause and effect development with a specific goal at every stage. But we do not see the final goal! Today this final goal is defined as absolute harmony of all parts of Nature.

By uniting among us and with the entire surrounding world, we begin to sense Nature’s plan and its final state, the goal. We begin to feel ourselves existing simultaneously at its next level, which is informational, common, and complete.

A person starts to feel eternity, infinity, perfection, that which exists beyond our universe, in the infinite thought of Nature, that which incited this drop of energy to explode and create our universe.

And perhaps we will come to sense or observe our universe conceptually, from aside. But that is already a different mind.

This opens up tremendous perspectives before us. And that is what should happen because the attainment of integrality leads us beyond the boundaries of our universe. It is a breakthrough into the next level of sensation, attainment, and information.

The Psychology Of The Integral Society

The above points were taken from the book The Psychology of the Integral Society by Dr. Michael Laitman and Dr. Anatoly Ulianov. Also available as eBook (PDF, Kindle & ePub formats).


10 Things About Love You Won’t See Anywhere Else This Valentine’s Day

10 Things About Love You Won't See Anywhere Else This Valentine's Day

  1. If we create an environment that has the qualities of bestowal and love, it will be just like a mother.
  2. If I can build an attitude toward others, meaning that I acquire Nature’s quality of love and bestowal, and relate to others through that quality, like Nature, where Nature is inside of me and I perform that action toward others, it means that I love others.
  3. One needs to explain what love means to oneself by delving into how much one loves oneself. Look at how you sit, sleep, eat, do things, what you like, what you don’t, how you’re constantly drawn towards pleasure, because you love yourself, and you want this person to enjoy himself, right? So the very same way, think for your neighbor to enjoy himself. Is that possible?
  4. Love is like having a pet at home that you grow. And you grow it through concessions.
  5. What is love? Love is when you accept the desire of another person as more important than your own, and you thrive to fulfill it.
  6. You don’t know what love is. The way we feel love is “I enjoy someone or something.” Here love means that you feel the other, you feel what’s going on in him, and then you accept his desire atop your desire. And the whole of you, in all of your abilities, opportunities and possibilities are in order to fulfill that desire.
  7. The general force of the universe is the power of love and giving.
  8. In our world, we love things that give us pleasure. That’s not love. I love the pleasure; I don’t love the giver of the pleasure. Start bringing me candy everyday, and I’ll relate nicely to you. Stop bringing me candy, and let’s see how I’ll treat you then.
  9. A collection of people – evil in nature, egoists – who have corrected themselves up to the degree of love between them, they, with the love between them, will be able to draw others into the center of love.
  10. Upon the ego that separates us, we need to receive a power, a desire, an ability, to feel everyone the same as I feel myself, and even more so.


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