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May 28, 2023

What Is Independence in an Age of Growing Interdependence?

What Is Independence in an Age of Growing Interdependence?

As 2014’s Independence Day in Israel draws in, Dr. Michael Laitman reflects on what is independence for a nation in an age of interdependent ties among all nations, in an article published in Aliyah Magazine… 

As another Israeli Day of Independence starts being celebrated, the all too familiar chants (not to say rants) about Israel’s need to be strong and self-reliant fill the media. Perhaps the chanters know something most of us do not; otherwise, how can you explain their insistence that independence is possible? This is true for all countries, not just for Israel; independence is a myth; interdependence is the reality of our lives.

Today, a country that wishes to be independent must focus its attention on the society rather than on the economy. The only way a country can be independent is if the people within it feel solidarity and mutual responsibility toward each other. Read Full Article »


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