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September 26, 2020

Archive for August 5, 2014

What Is the Contradiction in Nature and How Do You Deal With It?

Personal everyday pains and periodic global catastrophes... [Kabbalah Quote]

“Personal everyday pains and periodic global catastrophes are making everyone acknowledge the need to observe Nature’s law – to annul egoism and instead develop compassion, mutual aid and love.” –Dr. Michael Laitman

A dramatic contradiction exists between the way nature takes care of the birth and the early, independent development of a species and its later struggle for survival. This striking contradiction in how the world is governed, which exists at all levels of life, has captivated human minds since ancient times and has generated several theories:

Evolution: This theory does not consider it necessary to explain the above-mentioned contradiction. The Creator created the world and rules over everything. He is insensitive, unable to think, and creates the species in accordance with physical laws. The created species develops in conformity with evolution, meaning the harsh laws of survival. This theory refers to the Creator as “nature,” thereby emphasizing its insensitivity.

Dualism: Since nature’s striking wisdom exceeds by far humankind’s ability, it is impossible to predict and design future organisms without feedback. The giver (nature) should also possess intellect, memory, and feelings. Indeed, one cannot assert that every level of nature is ruled by mere chance.

This theory has led to the conclusion that two forces exist, positive and negative, and that both forces possess intellect and feelings. Hence, these forces are capable of endowing everything they create with those faculties. The development of this theory led to the creation of several other theories.

Polytheism: The analysis of nature’s actions and the division of its forces according to their character brought forth religions (such as that of ancient Greek) that included an assembly of deities, each governed by a certain force.

Absence of governance: With the appearance of precise instruments and new methods, research has lately discovered a close connection between all parts of the world. Therefore, the theory about a multitude of forces was discarded and was replaced with an assumption about a wise, unified force that guides the world. However, due to humanity’s insignificance, compared to the greatness of this force, we are left unattended. Read More »

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