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May 31, 2023

Archive for August 6, 2014

Why a Single Attitude of Love Is Expressed in Many Different Ways

From the Creator, there is only one attitude - love [Kabbalah Quote]

“Before the emanations were emanated and the creatures were created, the simple Upper Light filled the whole of reality.” Then, when the creature, the emanated that was made or created, it was the will to receive that was created. The internal degrees of desire, of self recognition of its own state, are all that we have besides the Light that created it. So we have the Light and the desire that was created by the Light.

So what does the Torah and the Creator mean? If it is One, and if it is all of the Light that one talks about, then why are there two: the Torah and the Creator? From the Creator, there’s only one attitude—love, but it is expressed in many forms, expressions, and manners, with respect to us, the creature.

Out of that attitude, the creature was created with all of its qualities that are different, indecent, and bad, far from the Creator, opposite. This was so that the creature would come to know the depth of the Creator’s attitude toward it, the depth of the love. Otherwise it would not have attained this. When the creature exists and attains the Creator’s attitudes toward it, in all kinds of forms, manners, qualities and degrees, that’s what it actually talks about; the creature has nothing else to talk about. Read More »

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