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December 2, 2023

Archive for August 11, 2014

Where Are We Headed?

Nature is gradually bringing us to a state of becoming equal to it... [Kabbalah Quote]

Nature’s plan is to bring all of nature to an integral state, which is the law of development that cannot be nullified. Nature must bring us to a state of becoming equal to it, to turn us into integral members in an integral society, each one by himself and all of us together. So you can’t just get rid of six billion people by putting them on drugs and food rations. Nature will lead them onward. It has to bring man to a state of being equal to it! A person has to become a human being.

This can only happen by balancing all the systems. The different parts of our world, like the still, vegetative, animate, and speaking nature, have to reach a state of balance, which means mutual support, homeostasis.

Bringing a person to the lowest state, however, is not homeostasis. The most important thing is to consciously raise ourselves to the level of a human being that is made of two opposite attributes: an egoistic one and an altruistic one, and operating in mutual cooperation by balancing them. Read More »

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What Is the Essence of a Game?

Our Whole Life is a Game... [Kabbalah Quote]


“Our whole life is a game because through games we develop.

Any growth in nature is carried out through play. Even the growth of cells is a game because they aspire to a future state that still doesn’t exist.

Spiritual development, too, is a game.

And as for children, the ‘childish’ games of every child determine the kind of person each of them will be.”

–Dr. Michael Laitman, in Children of Tomorrow

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