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October 2, 2022

Archive for August 17, 2014

Now You Can Find a Perfect Environment and Never Feel Pain Again

If We Want to See Happy People and a Better World... [Kabbalah Quote]

Dr. Michael Laitman: All the changes in us can only happen through the environment, and we can see that. In whatever environment we grow, we arise as a result of the environment. So we can’t really come complaining to a person about why they do this or that, maybe bad things, but we really have to look at where they came from.

The main problem of humanity today is education. If we want to see happy people and a better world, we first and foremost have to see about how to build the right environment that will affect people positively. The right environment is the media, the education system in kindergartens, schools, universities, but especially the media.

Question: Dr. Laitman, what happens if we don’t start changing the environment, in your view?

Dr. Laitman: We are just going to suffer blows, serious blows. Until they nevertheless, force us to open our hearts and minds to what’s happening in the world. We have to be aware of nature’s changes.

Now we are in a situation that the use of the ordinary ego, the way that we are used to – I want to use you and you will use someone else, etc., etc., and the survival of the fittest and all that – these things are over now. If we are talking about the integral law, the integral system, we have different laws working there.

Unity works there, bonding, participation, consideration between parties in a single system; and not who is stronger, suppressing the weaker. In our bodies there is no such thing. If humanity is like a single organism, you have different rules playing: rules of consideration, unity, and bonding. We need to teach the new generation about these laws. Read More: Dr. Michael Laitman Interview with John St. Augustine »

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