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July 2, 2022

Archive for January 9, 2015

To Perceive Reality in a Way Where Everyone Is a Part of You

To Perceive Reality in a Way Where Everyone Is a Part of You

The Evolution of How We Perceive Reality

The Wisdom of Kabbalah gradually leads us to a radically new way of perceiving reality.

To better understand the news that Kabbalah introduces in regard to the perception of reality, let us briefly review how science has approached this topic over the years.

The classical approach, represented by Newton, said that the world exists independently, regardless of man, and that the shape of the world is fixed. Then came Einstein, who discovered that our perception is relative and depends on our senses. In consequence, we cannot say precisely what comprises the world outside of us, as it all depends on the observer’s perception of reality.

The contemporary approach to our perception of reality is based on quantum physics, and holds that the observer affects the world, and thus affects the picture one perceives. The picture of reality is a kind of “average” between the qualities of the observer and the qualities of the object or phenomenon being observed.

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