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June 29, 2022

Archive for January 16, 2015

Questioning the Meaning of Life? Kabbalah Can Help

Questioning the Meaning of Life_Kabbalah Can Help

Kabbalah answers the question about the meaning of life. In reality, this question is very important. It is because in my search for an answer to this question, I primarily examine myself. Do I have the right attitude toward life in everything that I do?

I have the desire for pleasure that obligates me to create a family, have children, and care for them, my work, my future, my parents, my close environment, my city, my country, and maybe even the entire world. All this is only so that I suffer less.

So, can I take the reins? If not, can I at least analyze the situation, understand why it is happening and for what purpose? On the other hand, should I even strive upward? Read More »

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