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June 8, 2023

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How to Change Your Properties to Perceive the Hidden Spiritual Reality

How to Change Your Properties to Perceive the Hidden Spiritual Reality

The Process of Changing Our Properties to Be Like Those of the Spiritual Reality

The Book of Zohar is the most important writing in the Wisdom of Kabbalah. With its help one can gradually achieve self-correction, leading to equivalence of form with the Creator.

Let us now approach an excerpt from The Book of Zohar. The excerpt is taken from the portion Lech Lecha [go Forth], and talks about the middle line, the MAN of the righteous. MAN is one’s intention to develop into being similar to the Creator, and righteous are those who wish to be right. They wish to say that the Creator was right to create them, to justify Him, and justification is possible only by truly seeing and sensing what is happening in reality, out of the highest degree to which a person rises. This is what we wish to achieve through The Zohar.

He even plays with the souls in this world, since at midnight, all those true righteous awaken to read in the Torah and to sound the praises of the Torah. And the Creator and all those righteous in the Garden of Eden listen to their voices. And a thread of grace stretches over them during the day, meaning that by the MAN that they raise through the Torah and the praises, the middle line—the light of Hassadim [mercy]—extends to the Nukva [Aramaic: female]. And since they caused that light, they are rewarded with the same amount they have induced in the Nukva. This is the meaning of, “By day the Lord will command His mercy, and in the night His song shall be with me,” for because of the singing at night, one is rewarded with His mercy during the day.

Zohar for All, Lech Lecha [Go Forth], Item 132


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