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June 29, 2022

Archive for January 27, 2015

How to Acquire Eternal Pleasure

How to Acquire Eternal Pleasure

The Purpose Behind Human Reincarnation

Even if one lived a thousand years, on the day he departs from the world, it will seem to him as though he lived only one day.
– Zohar for All, VaYechi [Jacob Lived], Item 293

After the demise of the body, if we did not rise from the animate level to the human level during our lives, if we did not achieve equivalence of form—acquired the quality of love and giving and became similar to the Creator, and thus revealed the Creator— nothing remains of us. The spiritual point that was in us, and which we did not develop, reincarnates into our world, acquires a new clothing (additional egoistic desire), and a new cycle of life begins. only by studying the wisdom of Kabbalah can we rise to the degree of man.

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