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July 24, 2024

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Thousands Of Jews, Christians, Muslims & Atheists Gather In Israel To Show What Kabbalah Is Really About

Tel Aviv, Israel, November 8 2010 — The 2010 World Kabbalah Convention, held on November 9-11, will host 7,000 people of all the world’s faiths, from 54 countries, speaking 38 languages, coming to celebrate what Kabbalah is really about – the connection among all people.

Kabbalah is popularly mistaken as religion or mysticism, but the people attending this convention have delved deeper into Kabbalah and understand that it is a method with the sole aim of developing connections of love among people. The need for love is a point all people share, no matter what their faith, nationality, age or gender. Those attracted to Kabbalah are those who found it increasingly difficult to fulfill this need in modern society, and the 2010 World Kabbalah Convention will serve to express this need, hosting people from all around the world who find it important to connect on a basis of love among all people.

The 2010 World Kabbalah Convention will include lessons with Dr. Michael Laitman, founder and president of the world’s largest Kabbalah educational resource, the Bnei Baruch Kabbalah Education & Research Institute, www.kabbalah.info, author of over 30 books on Kabbalah, and the Internet’s most active spiritual blogger at www.laitman.com. The lessons will be followed by workshops, activities, meals and cultural events all aimed at bringing the deepest level of connection among people to life.

Moreover, for the first time at an annual World Kabbalah Convention, not only will the event’s lessons and activities be broadcast on the Internet and on television, but there will also be roaming cameras during recesses, allowing convention attendees to share their impressions with tens of thousands of worldwide viewers, making it a non-stop 3 day broadcast on www.kab.tv and on the Israeli television Channel 66.

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