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July 17, 2024

Archive for November 28, 2010

Technology, Business And Profit In An Interconnected Humanity

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Steve Rubel, Senior Vice-President in Edelman Communications, the world’s largest PR firm, talks with Dr. Michael Laitman about technology, business and profit in an interconnected world.

Here’s an extract from the conversation:

Steve Rubel: There’s always going to be something new that comes around that’s different than what it was. I mean the stuff I’m talking about now is very different than I was talking about six months ago or a year ago. So I also think that people now growing up don’t know what the world was like before the Internet. I mean I do, you do, but they’re different now, and I think that we have to take…. And I think also the impact of mobile devices is just beginning.

Host: We’re going to talk about mobile devices. Dr. Laitman, where is all this taking us?

Michael Laitman: To throwing away all the phones, very simple. Because in the end, say after we have so many cars, where are we driving with our cars? – Into traffic jams. Where are we going to get with our phones or with computers? Into jams, too. It’s all going to jam because something more internal is missing. Technology is evolving only to bring us to a certain goal, a goal that exists in nature, and the goal is for us to rise above corporeality, to be connected in thoughts and desires to one mechanism, to one system. And if you get to that, then there’s no need for communicating through these devices.

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Abbreviations To Articles Of Baal HaSulam By Dr. Michael Laitman

The following are links to abbreviations to articles of Baal HaSulam by Dr. Michael Laitman. They are arranged in a way where Baal HaSulam’s original text is on the left column, and Dr. Laitman’s abbreviated text is on the right column. Rabash, Dr. Laitman’s teacher, advised Dr. Laitman to make daily abbreviations and summaries to the texts of Baal HaSulam and Rabash as a means to process the material more deeply, and Dr. Laitman often gives the same recommendation to his students in his lessons. The following abbreviations to Baal HaSulam’s articles can be used both to better process the main principles in the articles, and also serve as examples on how to extract the main principles and communicate them in an easier language.


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