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July 24, 2024

Archive for January 16, 2012

Who Am I? What Is Reality?

Who Am I? What Is Reality?

The 3rd lesson in the Free Kabbalah Course is an investigation into our perception of reality, examining the questions: Who am I? What is reality? And why is it even important to know the answers to these questions? What would that give us access to?

Let’s just think about this word “I” or “me.” Think about how many times each day you say or think these words: “I want …” “I think …” “I’m doing …” “I’m having …” “I’m giving …” We always think in terms of “me in relation to my surroundings.”

So defining this “me” that you’re constantly referring to is a fundamental question about life. Is it my body? If I’m hungry, is it my stomach? Is it this brain that thinks or this heart that pumps? Or is it something deeper?

And not only “I” or “me” but also the other part of the question: All these things I seemingly perceive as being outside of this “me,” for instance this computer, this text, this table, other people … I’m always identifying objects and people that I observe.

The 3rd lesson in the Free Kabbalah Course starts defining what is behind all these objects and people, getting into a deeper investigation of this “I” and the reality that this “I” perceives. It will overview science’s evolution on this topic through Newton, Einstein, and quantum physics, and reach what Kabbalah says about it, and what that means for us today.

Now is the last chance to sign up for the Winter 2012 semester of the Free Kabbalah Course. Registration closes on Wednesday, January 18 – the same day as the “Who Am I? What Is Reality?” lesson.

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Free Kabbalah Course - Winter 2012


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