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June 22, 2024

Glossary – BaMidbar (In the Desert) – Weekly Torah Portion


Tribes are a part of the will to receive, which is divided into HBD, HGT, NHY. In all of them there is HaVaYaH (YodHeyVavHey), and HaVaYaH times three is twelve. Our general will to receive is divided into twelve parts that—when corrected—are called “tribes.”

The Holy of Holies

The Holy of Holies is GAR of Bina, the absolute quality of bestowal.


The army is all the desires that can join the head, faith, the shepherd.

Banner (Flag)

A banner is the task that I assume. Each part and each group in the twelve tribes has its own banner, which indicates how each part progresses and corrects itself. The banner is unique to each tribe, hence the division into twelve tribes remains even after they achieve the corrected desire, the land of Israel.


The tabernacle is where I correct my will to receive to aiming to bestow. This is the best, and most important place for us.


Levites are the assistants of the priests. Their role is to coordinate the holy part in man with the corrupt part, and correct the corrupt part by joining it through themselves to the holy part.


The desert is the will to receive that must be corrected. It is a desire in which I still see serpents, scorpions, and problems, and I have nothing with which to nourish my soul. I must turn the desert into the land of Israel. I move from the desert to the land of Israel, but in fact, it is Egypt that became a desert, and the desert has become the land of Israel. I always remain within my desire, which I correct further and further until the end of correction.

The Land of Israel

This is the corrected desire. The desire I have corrected is entirely Yashar El (straight to God), fully aiming to bestow contentment upon the Creator, as He bestows upon us. We are both in Dvekut (adhesion), giving to each other.

Parking (Stopping)

As we move from stage to stage we need to make stops, as on Hanukah. There are many stops on the journey in the desert, actually more than journeys. Parks are ascents and descents, drawing of light of Hassadim opposite the light of Hochma.


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