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July 23, 2024

Glossary – BeHa’alotcha (When You Raise the Candles) – Weekly Torah Portion

Menorah (Lamp)

The menorah symbolizes the soul. It symbolizes the seven Sephirot of the soul that we need to know how to light, in which way, and in which order.

Korban (Sacrifice/Offering)

A Korban is the will to receive that person corrects, and through it becomes more Karov (near/close) to the Creator.

Second Passover

Second Passover relates to desires that a person finds are impossible or not needed to sanctify. It is desires that one did not recognize. However, they can be corrected later, on a more advanced stage in the process.


Impurity is a force that works in order to receive, the egoistic force that appears in us.


A cloud is concealment that comes either from the Creator, who hides Himself from us, or from us, who hide ourselves from Him. The latter is called “clouds of glory.”

A Guide

A guide is the pure quality of bestowal that a person wants to follow and cling only to it, thus reaching the goal.

Trumpets of Silver

The two forces that a person discovers, and by which one advances, are called “trumpets of silver.” These forces pull us forward from the right and from the left.


Silver is the degree of Bina; gold is the degree of Hochma.


A proselyte is a desire to receive that has converted, that is willing to be corrected and join Israel.


The rabble is a type of desire to receive that one needs to discover and find it “infected” with an intention to receive.


Quails are fine (thin) desires, a type of desire on the animate degree from which we can make an offering.


Leprosy is a disease in man’s desire, in the intention to receive, which appears on the last, and worst degree of the skin.

Mouth to Mouth

There is Zivug (coupling) mouth to mouth, and a Zivug mouth to ear. Mouth to mouth means spirit with spirit, when two souls, or the Creator and a soul, are in that sort of connection.


A punishment is a correction. The punishment is when a person feels unable to use the desire in order to bestow. It is not inability to receive. Rather, the punishment is inability to bestow. However, the punishment leads one to correction because that person already knows what to correct in that desire, and has reached a Mitzva (commandment/correction). A Mitzva is an act of bestowal, an act of love.


Miriam is a type of will to receive in us that stands opposite Moses. Moses, too, discovers that part in himself. In other words, the degree in us that is called Moses discovers a certain touch by the Nukva (female), Miriam, which still requires correction. Moses also rises each time along with the people; he is a discernment in the soul, hence, with each discernment, the discernment of the degree of Moses is corrected, too.

Each term and each stage is our egoistic will to receive growing and swelling, and we correct it with the intention to bestow, to serve others and the Creator.

The Creator within us is what punishes us?

Everything is within us. Man is a small world that needs to achieve the complete correction.


The portion, BeHaalotcha (When You Mount the Candles), deals with lighting the candles, with seeing all of man’s desire. Man divides into many parts, and we need to see it as a menorah. The menorah is the symbol of the soul. We need to light up all of its seven qualities, shining with the upper light, with bestowal upon others, with love.

From The Zohar: And the Waters Were Made Sweet

In those secrets that will be revealed through you, “The waters were made sweet.” Like the salt that makes the meat sweet, they will be sweetened by the secrets that will be revealed through you. All those questions and the dispute of the bitter water in the oral Torah will return to being the sweet waters of the Torah. And your agonies will be sweet to you through these secrets that will be revealed by you. And all your troubles will come back to you like fleeting dreams. A dream [in Hebrew] has the letters of the word “salt,” reversed. As salt sweetens the meat, so agony sweetens.

Zohar for All, BeHaalotcha (When You Mount the Candles), item 86

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