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June 22, 2024

Glossary – Nasso (Take) – Weekly Torah Portion

Mount Sinai

Mount Sinai is a mountain of Sina’a (hate). If a person discovers all the evil within, it is considered being at the foot of Mount Sinai. However, it is possible to discover it only if the point within, called Moses, climbs up that mountain. There, in the chasm between the bottom of the mountain and its peak, under that condition one acquires the Torah. This happens because that person feels that he or she simply must correct, but does not know what to do. Such a person is worthy of receiving the light that reforms, called “Torah.”


A family is a whole person consisting of a man, woman, children, a house, and the entire world. It is a complete Kli.


One who is impure is fraught with self-interest. Such a person defiles everything he or she touches because anything that that person wants is only for self-gratification instead of giving to others. Conversely, giving, or bestowal upon others, is called Kedusha (holiness), purity.

Camp, or Being Outside the Camp

A camp is the part of the will to receive that a person can define and say that in this part one is advancing only with the intention to bestow. That is, a camp is our corrected desires.

Tabernacle and the Inauguration of the Tabernacle

Inauguration is when we person establishes the tabernacle. It is when one has reached the state of establishing that state.


To the extent that one can relinquish the will to receive for oneself, it is as though that person is giving a gift to the priest, to one’s own form of bestowal, to the quality of bestowal. When one relates oneself to the degree of a priest, to that desire to bestow, it is considered that one has received a blessing for it in return and has sanctified that desire.


A blessing means that the light that reforms pours down into the will to receive and corrects it into having the aim to bestow. This is the correction.

Blessing of the Priests

The blessing of the priests is the light that comes from the degree of Bina to the degree of Malchut and corrects it, when Malchut begins to relate itself to the degree of Bina. A priest is the degree of Bina.

It is not only the correction of the will to receive so it relates itself to bestowal and comes closer to the degree of the Creator. A priest is the degree of Elokim, Bina, desiring mercy, bestowal. Priests have no lot; they are at the degree of desiring mercy, entirely in bestowal. Hence, if Malchut can join it, she receives a blessing, a correction, the blessing of the priests.

False Oath

A false oath is when a person connects to the degree of Bina and receives from it its strength, then deliberately uses that blessing with the intention to receive, meaning to bestow in order to receive. That is, he or she is willing to give, but intends to make some benefit for oneself as a result.

From The Zohar: Why Have I Come and There Is No One

How loved are Israel by the Creator? Wherever they are, the Creator is with them because He does not remove His love from them, as it was said, “And let them make Me a Temple, that I may dwell among them” (Exodus 25:8).

Zohar for All, Nasso (Take), item 105

“And let them make Me a Temple, that I may dwell among them” means that if one makes one’s will to receive as a Temple, there is where one finds the Creator.

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  Andrea wrote @ May 25th, 2014 at 6:53 am

Just a thank you for including the glossary terms right alongside the parsha commentary. It is helpful to have the terms correctly defined this way.

  Yvonne wrote @ June 27th, 2014 at 1:43 pm

Very refreshing words.knowing the truth is clarification for the soul.

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