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July 17, 2024

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Join This Year’s Biggest Party in North America that’ll Shake the World from Within

Join This Year's Biggest Party in North America that'll Shake the World from Within

Question: How should Bnei Baruch Kabbalah Education Center students prepare themselves in order to be ready for encountering the idea of dissemination at the ONE Convention?

Dr. Michael Laitman: A person need not pressure himself. He needs to feel comfortable. You need to come to the convention with high spirits, like you are coming to a party. You are not coming there in order to work day and night. No. You come to have fun with your friends, whether you know them or not, but you come to a festival, to a party, first of all.

Although you want to read and connect to others, but these things need to be as preparation to go to a party. You need to prepare. Maybe you go buy a new outfit, maybe a tie, maybe a shirt, maybe you get a haircut. What are we going to bring? Maybe a good bottle of wine or something? The thing is preparation. Preparation needs to be the same as for a party. That is the kind of spirit: no pressure. That is what’s most important. Come with a smile from one ear to the other, and behind the ears.

Student: Just to mention that everyone is invited to this party, everyone is accepted, new and veteran. Also, as mentioned earlier, there will be a training meant for everyone in order to exactly explain what is the wisdom of connection that stems from the wisdom of Kabbalah, and how anyone can be involved in it, all in this whole, happy festival atmosphere.

Question: Now to continue what you mentioned, to come really happy, like to a party, a student from New York is asking: I feel a lot of excitement about the ONE Convention. How can I help a friend feel the importance?

Dr. Laitman: Try! What can I tell you? There are many friends who want to make their friends excited. I think when we get ready for a convention in Israel, we need to build a lot of stuff—kitchen, buying tons of food. You have those general things, so I don’t know. Start cheering each other up. That’s the main thing. That’s all you need.

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