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July 17, 2024

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Opportunity to Participate in a Global Music Video for a New Song Promoting a Happy and Peaceful Global Connection

Opportunity to Participate in a Global Music Video for a New Song Promoting a Happy and Peaceful Global Connection

Dear Friends,

We are now making an exciting global music video for the new ONE Convention song, We are the People!, and in order to capture and promote the message of a happy and peaceful global connection among people.

We would like to get input from friends all around the world. Instead of shooting this music video by ourselves, we are opening this up to everyone around the world who is concerned about the world’s situation and wants to bring about a better world, so get ready to shoot!


Instructions – How to Participate in this Global Music Video:

  • Listen to and/or download the song: We are the People! [on SoundCloud] »
  • Open this spreadsheet of video shots needed »
  • Mark the clips you are going to shoot. It would be best if you could shoot a few of the shots yourself, or with your group.
  • Each shot should be no shorter than 10 seconds and no longer than 15 seconds.
  • Make sure there is good light (beware of intense direct sunlight and indoor environments in the afternoon and evening).
  • Put the camera on a tripod or a steady surface and shoot the scene.
  • If you have a good confident camera person feel free to move around, shoot several shots of the same scene, etc.
  • In the repeating chorus (2 and 3) please come up with ideas of your own to shoot and send 🙂
  • Please shoot on an HD camera or use your phone with the highest resolution possible.
  • Make it fun, exaggerated, creative, dramatic and from the heart!

Due Date:

  • July 20, 2014.
  • However, of course, the sooner the better!

Send To:


Together as ONE!
The ONE Convention Team


How Kabbalah Enables You to Build the Form of Nature within You

How Kabbalah Enables You to Build the Form of Nature within You

Why It Is Impossible to Know Something’s True Essence

Kabbalah teaches us that reality could be divided into four layers: essence, abstract form, form clothed in matter and matter.

Our tools of perception can never perceive the Essence, regardless of our degree. Although what we perceive is indeed the Essence, we can only perceive it through Matter, and we cannot even imagine what the Essence itself is like. Moreover, we cannot even want to perceive the Essence.

For example, none of us feels that an additional sixth finger would be welcome. However, if we could imagine that we once had a sixth finger, and that we could do something with it that we cannot do today, then we could talk about a need for a sixth finger. But if we never had an additional finger, we could not even imagine how it would benefit us. This is why we will never want a sixth finger.

Similarly, since we never felt an Essence, we cannot want to perceive the Essence. Attainment of Matter, the manifestation of the actions of the Essence that is present within the Matter, is quite satisfactory.

The above discussion raises an important question: If we cannot perceive the Essence, how did Kabbalists know that it exists? For the time being, we will leave this question unanswered, but we promise to return to it later.


How Practical Experimentation Is Used In Kabbalah

The will to receive is the Matter. It is divided into five degrees. When the will to receive is integrated with the intention to bestow, it adopts different Forms, from the most opposite from the Creator to the Form of the Creator Himself. While spiritually evolving, we gradually study all the qualities that Matter might assume. This is called “Formative Learning.”

We have a genuine desire to acquire the Forms of bestowal that are dressed in Matter. A genuine desire means that it is a desire that stems from having had this Form before and not having it now.

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