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July 16, 2024

Archive for September 18, 2015

How to Develop a Spiritual Intention

How to Develop a Spiritual Intention

The Heart Can Not Be Outwitted

In the spiritual states, one’s intellect (reason, wisdom) corresponds to the Light of wisdom (Ohr Hochma). One’s heart, desires, and feelings correspond to the Light of Mercy (Ohr Hassadim). Only when our hearts are ready to listen, can reason affect them. Ohr Hochma can illuminate only in the place where Ohr Hassadim is already present. If Ohr Hassadim is not present, then Ohr Hochma does not illuminate. Such a state is known as “darkness,” or “night.”

But in our world, that is, in an individual who still remains in the enslavement of egoism, reason can never hold domain over the heart, because the heart is the source of all desires. It, alone, is the sole master of the individual, whereas reason has no power to counter the desires of the heart.

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