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July 21, 2024

Egoism of a Part Leads to the Death of the Whole

Egoism of a Part Leads to the Death of the Whole

The cause of all conflicts is human nature: egoism, the desire to fulfill ourselves at the expense of others.

Human egoism is the only destructive force that exists; hence, the world will not be able to persist unless we change our egoistic approach to society. Egoism of a part leads to the death of the whole. If a cell in a living organism begins to relate egoistically to other cells it becomes cancerous. Such a cell begins to consume surrounding cells, oblivious to them or to the needs of the whole organism, and thus, eventually extinguishes the entire body, including itself. The same applies to human egoism with respect to nature: while developing for itself, detached from the rest of nature and not as an integral part of nature, the egoism leads everything to death, including itself.


How To End Famine, Flood, Illness & War Forever


All disasters, epidemics, famine, floods & civil wars come from the person’s egoism & thus only a person’s egoism should be corrected.

When a person overcomes his ego through connection with other people into a good general system, the person influences nature so that all of the disasters, all of the undesirable phenomena, disappear.

We exist in a single integral system. The levels of still, vegetative, animate and speaking are found within nature and are a closed circle, a ball, a sphere. And we are the most important part of this sphere, the highest phase of evolution. If we bring ourselves into balance and harmony, then we also balance all the rest of nature.

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How to Switch the Ego for Good


Only one force governs in us – egoism, and in order to balance it we need the second force, opposite to it – altruism.

Man’s inner nature is desire: the desire to live, to feel good, and to enjoy, in other words, a constant search for fulfillment. Ultimately, all these desires together are called “the will to enjoy” or “the desire to receive pleasure.”

Towards what should I direct them in order to correct them?

They need to be directed for the benefit of all. Therefore, I direct each of my desires towards the common good and I accept only that which will go for the benefit of everyone.

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Altruism = Everyone Included in the Others & Becoming One Collective Whole [Kabbalah Quote]


Altruism = everyone included in the others & becoming one collective whole.

This is the force that will oppose & stand up to egoism

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What is The Cause of All Conflicts?


Dr. Michael Laitman: The cause of all conflicts is our nature: egoism, the desire to fulfill ourselves at the expense of others. Until we correct it, we will fight for any reason, up to the point of causeless mutual destruction because the natural psychological need to conflict motivates us to action.

It is only left to head towards mutual destruction or to correction of our nature to the opposite so that connection, unity, and mutual concern become our psychological need. This transformation can be done only by the Upper Light.

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