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April 25, 2024

The Internet Prison – the Influence of the Internet on Our Lives

By the end of 2007 there were over a billion Internet users (about 20% of the world’s population) world wide, not bad for a population of almost 7 billion. That’s a growth of 265% from 2006. [Source]

Today, the whole world is accessible by means of our keyboards and computer screens. These now not-so-new tools give us full access and with it the sense of freedom of thought, speech and movement.

With the Internet as the main tool for communication it seems that today we are freer than we have ever been before. On the other hand, through the virtual connections, networks, communities and realities that we create we become enslaved to the “black box.”

In his lesson on “The Future Generation” Rav Michael Laitman explains how we became prisoners within our own freedom.

Looking at the use of the Internet by both adults and children Rav Laitman explains that the Internet and its development is a replica of the current state of our society.

View/Download the Lesson “The Future Generation”: wmv video | mp3 audio

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  Ralph wrote @ April 28th, 2008 at 11:29 pm

Ime a new ish Christian, found Gods love thru/in Christ. I love Kabbalah teachings too, they are soo Christian. True about the internet like a prison though I did discover the Kabbalah there and ime here now 🙂 Unlike life- the internet , TV an radio and newspaper I can switch off or not buy. Love God, how on earth did I manage all those years on my own…exept now I know I wasn’t and God loved me just as much then as now. WOW! and and… better stop I feel an evangelist moment comeing on.

God bless.

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