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July 11, 2020

Can Spiritual Attainment Be Done Individually, or Does it Require a Group?

Can Spiritual Attainment Be Done Individually, or Does it Require a Group?

Question: Does the building of a Kli [vessel] and the intention/prayer/screen to reflect the Light take place only in the group, or can it be done individually?

Dr. Michael Laitman: Individually? No. The Creator doesn’t listen when you are alone. There is a concept called “the prayer of many”; we talked about it many times. The whole thing about the broken Kli [vessel] is about you trying to connect, trying to become one again. That is why the Torah—the wisdom of Kabbalah—was given. Call it integral education, the wisdom of connection, whatever the title. That is the whole work here in this world, which is the lowest and worst of all the worlds, i.e. that we will begin to connect and accordingly ascend—ascend not in elevation toward stars or in terms of altitude—but in understanding, awareness and sensation. We will then discover new dimensions.

Even if I connect with one person, I already discover the Upper World. I shift from the dimensions of this world into the spiritual dimension. I feel myself in a world beyond time, place, life or death, rising to the level of forces. My body exists as an animal. When it dies, it dies. As Rabash says, “It’s like putting your dirty shirt in the laundry.” That is how you feel, that you got rid of the body, but you remain, because you’ve acquired a new desire. In your connection with others you’ve acquired a common desire, and that is all. This is you now. Your heart is there in spirituality, and here in this world is just an outer coating, and thus you do not feel any loss when it dies.

This Q&A is based on the Special Q&A Session with Dr. Michael Laitman in Preparation for the ONE Convention, which took place on Sunday, June 16. Watch the whole video & stay up-to-date with ONE Convention preparation materials here »

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