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August 14, 2022

Archive for January 15, 2015

Why Our Perception of Reality Is Defective

Why Our Perception of Reality Is Defective

Why We Perceive Reality as Existing Outside of Ourselves

The Wisdom of Kabbalah teaches us that there is only a single creature, a single desire in reality we are all part of. But in order for us to actually perceive ourselves in that perfect, united state we have to approach it from an opposite section, state. Thus through a process called “breakage”this initially undivided desire was shattered into myriad of pieces, each perceiving itself separate from the rest.

It is no coincidence that we were made to perceive reality as divided into two parts—me and what is outside of me. If our perception were only internal we would never be able to rise above our egos toward the quality of love and giving. We would be wedged in one place, “chasing our own tails.”

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