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March 27, 2023

Recent Highlights from Dr. Michael Laitman’s Personal Blog

Recent Highlights from Dr. Michael Laitman’s Personal Blog

The cause of the global crisis is in our miscalculating the program of nature. Our relationships with each other and with the environment should be developed towards a state of Adam (human), i.e. the similarity to the upper force of nature and the property of bestowal and love. It is the complete interaction of the whole of humanity, as all parts of nature on the still, vegetative and animate levels are connected with each other. [Source: Dr. Michael Laitman, A Total Collapse Is Approaching]


The Qualities of a Leader in Our Era

Question for Dr. Laitman: What must a true leader be ready to give up?

Answer: Everything. He would be ready to quit the position of prime minister and become a simple worker if this were in everyone’s interest. The good of the people must be the highest value for him. But we see an opposite picture. People who have already undermined the people’s trust in them and who have already found themselves under public contempt, have presented before everyone their nothingness. In spite of the lack of understanding and limitations, time after time and year after year, they climb higher.

Leaders are held strongly by their chairs, benefits, and glory. They are ready to satisfy their ambitions at any price, even though in the end, the people pay the price. This is doubly dangerous for Israel, which is under a constant external threat of annihilation. [Source: Dr. Michael Laitman, For A Leader There Can Be No Personal Interests]


Nuclear Threats Aren’t All Bad


There Is Hope

Opinion (Igor S. Ivanov, Russian politician, former Russian Foreign Minister): “In connection with the Ukrainian crisis, the world started talking about a return to the times of the Cold War. But the return to the Cold War of the 20th century is impossible. The world has changed dramatically.

…On the eve of the new year of 2015, many began again to wish each other ‘may there be no war.’ This premonition of war should prompt politicians to put aside their ambitions and resentments and start a serious dialogue about the new world order. Otherwise, instead of the Cold War, we will get a real, big war.”

Comment from Dr. Laitman: The problem is not in starting a dialogue, but in the fact that no one has a solution, an idea. A Kabbalistic solution to lead the world to unity without borders is not attractive to politicians. After all, for this it is necessary to correct human nature. Kabbalah promises to do this, but people have no desire as yet. Do we really need great threats? [Source: Dr. Michael Laitman, Humanity Has No Solutions To The Problems Of The 21st Century]



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