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July 17, 2024

Glossary – Tetzaveh (Command) Parsha – Weekly Torah Portion

Everlasting Candle

A person who wants to reach the point of contact with the Creator, called “the priest’s work in the Temple,” must first see to always having the light that reforms, for only with it is one sanctified—adding the aim to bestow to one’s desires, thus rising closer to the Creator.

Olive Oil

In spirituality, olive oil is the light that reaches Zeir Anpin, Malchut.


A priest is man’s highest degree. It comes from the left line and from the right line and reaches pure and complete bestowal. This degree includes the degree of Bina, ZAT of Bina, and the upper degree, GAR of Bina. It is impossible to be a priest without also having Levites and Israel in you. That is, a person tends to the entire world, as well as to Israel, and unites with everyone.

It is hard work to achieve the degree of a priest. A person must actualize the greatest and most powerful desires.


On the degree of clothing there are things that belong to the inner part of the soul. The breastplate is one of them.


The portion, Tetzaveh, is man’s approach to the Creator. If we want, we have every possibility, every condition to correct ourselves while giving to our material body everything it needs. The important thing in life is to reach the eternal and complete world, as it is written, “You will see your world in your life,”[7] here and now. It is all expressed in the connection between us: from love of man to love of the Creator. This is how we achieve the end of correction. We can do it here and now; it is entirely up to us.

[7] Masechet Berachot, 17a.

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  T. Ze’bed’ee Zimmermann wrote @ February 2nd, 2014 at 2:36 pm

Although I did not grow up in Kabbalah, once I was in the Navy 50+ years ago in the South China Sea planning and operation, my R&R was with teaching of a Thailand’s Buddhist Master. He reminded me that Kabbalah was a Western match to Zen; unlike other Buddhism. He also pointed out that many other Far East Buddhism; is equally as demanding as Judaism for power struggles. Being reared in an old American family strictly to their laws of holiness and santification, I decided to check it out in Japan’s Shintu Buddhism is demanding to conforming; rather then always have an open mind to amazing possibilities.

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