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July 16, 2024

Archive for September 9, 2016

Structure of Creation Course | Lesson 4 – How do We Make Corrections?

Structure of Creation 4A

The Series “General Overview” is a six lesson documentary given by Dr. Michael Laitman to his students on the topic of the Structure of Upper Worlds. The series clarifies the process of creation of the spiritual worlds, from the Initial Thought of Creation, through the creation of the soul of Adam HaRishon and its shattering, up to the development of Man in our world. It also includes the awakening of desire for spirituality in our times. The series is mostly based on the article “Preface to the Wisdom of Kabbalah,” by the Kabbalist, Rabbi Yehuda Ashlag.


Lesson 4 – How do We Make Corrections?

The Spiritual Reality is comprised of five Worlds that are actually five degrees of concealment from the Creator’s Light. For Man’s correction, the most significant world is the World of Atzilut, also called the “World of Correction”. It is a world in which the correction of our Soul is carried out in practice. In lesson 4, we’ll learn about the emergence of the World of Atzilut and Its structure.

What Is Life?

DOES LIFE HAVE A MEANING? Why are so many people suffering? What happens to us when we die? Where did we come from? Authentic Kabbalah was made to answer these and all of life’s deepest questions. Take a tour of the laws shaping your life. Discover insights the ancient Kabbalists had into nature’s program and the purpose behind it. In this two hour lecture, we’re going to debunk the many myths surrounding Kabbalah, answer your questions, and explain how you can take the first step into the path of spiritual attainment using Kabbalah’s most practical methodology.

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Listen to Nature’s Prescription for the Perfect Life


Nature operates by a law of bestowal & love. To discover a perfect life for everyone, we need only let Nature influence us the way it wants.

The Creator’s commandments are the laws of nature—both the laws of nature of our world that we partly see, understand, and know about, and the laws of the upper nature that is concealed from us—which are based on the attributes of love and bestowal, mutual cooperation, and understanding. The system is built so that if we are normally incorporated in it and fulfill our role, taking our niche in nature, all of nature operates harmoniously, thus filling each of us with harmony.


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