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July 14, 2024

Archive for December 4, 2016

Build Your Tomorrow with the Ultimate Creative Force

Build Your Tomorrow with the Ultimate Creative Force

The goal of Kabbalah is for every person to discover life’s creative force, obtain it, and reap all the benefits this discovery implies.

Development occurs by virtue of the “electric” force that circulates in the system. When I connect into it with the two forces I have, the egoistic and altruistic ones, its force starts circulating through me as well. Kabbalah talks about simple laws that we need to observe in the group. Kabbalists explain what laws are to be followed in order for us to become an active part of a greater whole. Then the group will become a “construction area” for me, where we work, build, create, and shape the future world, the upper world, and humanity of tomorrow. We must structure it as a mini-model of an integral, immense reality and strive to perform according to the ground laws of creation pertaining to our egoism and the positive creative force.

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