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July 14, 2024

Archive for December 9, 2016

Comment: The Economy’s Hidden Problem – We’re Out Of Big Ideas

The Wall Street Journal has an interesting editorial: America’s stagnating growth is because we don’t have anymore good ideas.

I study the wisdom of Kabbalah. I got into it years ago because, like many, I wanted something more in life. I wondered and searched for a universal meaning and purpose. Kabbalah is one of the more practical life teachings I found.

Kabbalists define evolution less historically and more egoistically. The method says that throughout history, our ego grew. Ego is our desire to know, think, eat, reproduce, live, make money, and the like. 200 years ago, people were more concerned with survival and less with career success; in short, those people’s ego was less developed.

As the ego grew, so did society. Much of our societal development was facilitated by the ego’s growth. It was fantastic and created present day society.

However, Kabbalists say that the ego would reach a point where it finished growing because life is not only to acquire, invent, and manufacture. For one, this way of living isn’t really sustainable.

I mention this because of this Wall Street Journal article. Kabbalah would probably say the Journal is correct: Our economy is in trouble because we’re out of big ideas.

What’s the solution?

Well, evolution continues but not in the same egoistical direction. We must evolve the connections between human beings. For most of our history, we focused on math, science, history and the like but we can’t afford to only focus there any longer. Nature is telling us [blatantly] that we have no choice but to improve relationships between people.

We look at our own country. America is divided politically and each side kind of hates the other more than our parents generation did. We can especially see this in racial and religious tensions. It is remarkable to me how such an evolved society can be so divided. This hatred is not sustainable.

As we move into the future, education on interconnections between people becomes necessary. This is the new idea we are missing. The next level of innovation is the development of human beings.

By Peter C.


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