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July 2, 2022

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Food Shortages, Starvation and Obesity Are All Results of One Cause

Mankind\'s Growing Hunger
Mankind’s Growing Hunger

Article in Kabbalah Today Issue 15

The current food crisis has been declared a ‘silent tsunami’ in recent headlines. Kabbalah explains the root of the problem, and shows us how to avert this growing threat.

Actually, food shortages are nothing new—they have shaped civilizations since the days when Pharaohs ruled Egypt. In the past 50 years alone, famines in Africa, North Korea, China, and Cambodia have claimed millions of lives. So why are world leaders today so alarmed by the current situation?

In Pharaoh’s time, a famine in Egypt didn’t affect tribes wandering the plains of America. In contrast, today’s crisis ripples across the entire world. Global food prices have risen 83% in the past three years, making it almost impossible for the world’s poorest nations to feed their people. More than 70 countries spanning every continent are now facing critical shortages. Moreover, famine is no longer limited to third world countries. Even developed countries like the United States are facing soaring food prices that are impoverishing the once-comfortable middle class. This time, hunger is truly global. Read the Full Article…

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Connected by Tubes of Non-Material Love

We were sent the above image from a friend in Chicago, who wrote the following about it: “We are connected by tubes of non-material love. Loving the other not only becomes important, it is in style! The bond between the friends grows and reinforces every particular part. As self-love becomes tired and phased out, the new system reaches out to every heart.”

Here are some materials to inspire this exit from self-love and the entry into love for others:
* The Story of Cogwheels – an article for kids in the 14th issue of Kabbalah Today.
* Love, Deciphered – an article explaining that true love can only be infinite.
* Love Is the Way – an article tracing the founding of the method for attaining everlasting love.

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VIDEO: Unity in Your Language


Uniting Our Hearts – Kabbalah Congress in Almaty, Kazakhstan

Uniting Our Hearts - Kabbalah Congress in Almaty, Kazakhstan

Bnei Baruch Kabbalah Education & Research Institute, together with the Almaty Kabbalah group, is inviting you to the first ever Kabbalah Congress in Central Asia and Kazakhstan!

The theme of the congress is Uniting Our Hearts, and is dedicated to the unity among Kabbalah students from around the world. The aim of the congress is to reach a new level of unity and dissemination of the wisdom of Kabbalah in Asia.

When: July 18-20, 2008.

Where: The picturesque outskirts of Almaty, Kazakhstan.

Preliminary Congress Fee: US $200.

For registration and additional information, please contact almaty_bb@yahoo.com.

Application Deadline: June 30, 2008

We are waiting for you!
Almaty Congress Organizing Committee
Bnei Baruch Kabbalah Education & Research Institute

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Three Sources for True Freedom You Don’t Want to Miss Out On

Three Sources for True Freedom You Don't Want to Miss Out On

Our modern idea of freedom is embedded in remoteness, individualism and isolation. The true idea of what freedom means has been inverted and long forgotten. Here are three sources of information on what true freedom is and how it can be attained in our world today.

1. Video: The Freedom Prison
In this excerpt from a morning lesson Rav Michael Laitman, PhD provides a definition of freedom that is completely opposite to society’s idea of freedom, but is more natural than anything else.

Download this Lesson: wmv video | mp3 audio [66:42]
Shamati Article #190 “Every Act Leaves an Imprint” (the article on which the above video’s lesson is based)

2. Freedom of Will (An article by Rav Michael Laitman, PhD)

3. The Freedom (An article by Baal haSulam)

Related Material:
Newspaper Articles:
* Kabbalah Today Article: The Freedom Blues
* Kabbalah Today Article: A Kabbalist, a Geneticist and the Meaning of Life
Short Clips:
* Do We Have Free Will or Is Everything Predetermined
* “Kabbalah Revealed” Episode 10: Free Will, Part 1
* “Kabbalah Revealed” Episode 11: Free Will, Part 2 The Four Factors

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