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May 27, 2022

Will Project 10^100 Change the World?

Do You Think Project 10^100 Will Change the World? If So Let’s Define Some of the Problems

Hi everyone, thank you for your posts and comments. We are still working diligently on formulating the best solutions for the world crises, as per Google’s Project 10^100. Here’s an interesting e-mail we’ve just received from a person in Brazil:

“Unreasonable use of our natural and human resources drove us to the world’s crises. It’s up to humans to make the decision to start utilizing all the earthly resources in a way that will guarantee the survival and development of humankind and other species on the planet.

Why does it seem like we are incapable of taking the right decisions for our own good? We must develop our awareness to the root of our problem: exploitation of natural and human resources for egoistical purposes.

Therefore, I suggest that Google would create an Online Supranational Court of Judgment. This Court would accept accusations of egoistical actions committed by authorities, governments, powerful individuals or companies which would be notified to present their defenses. All cases would be openly examined by a committee of worldly known intellectuals (scientists, spiritualists, humanists). After reading the committee’s analysis, users would vote on the action in the following way: H- human, or E – egoist.

Lacking support, partnerships, clients, collaborators and under worldwide reproach, those considered egoists would ask for the committee’s advice in order to correct their ways. The Court’s cases and decisions would be largely divulged. On the other hand, altruistic actions would be encouraged through public praise and awards. In other words, altruism would turn into the main measure of appreciation among humankind so that our global society would be developing a new way of cleverness, in a short period of time”

– Luiz Oliveria, Brasil

We believe that what would help us in our thought-process is to define and prioritize the problems Google is addressing in its Project 10^100.

So, what do you think is the pressing issue that mankind is facing? Is it the environment? The escalating economic crisis? World hunger? Let us know what you think by posting a comment below, and feel free to watch the video below describing Kabbalah’s perspective on the root of the world’s problems and how we might be able to help solve them.

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  32713 wrote @ January 28th, 2009 at 11:04 am

I like this site 🙂

  Brenda Jones wrote @ October 16th, 2008 at 5:17 pm

How about contests sponsored in conjunction with fast food restaurants, like the games sponsored by McDonalds, where contestants accumulate points towards some altruistic goal.  Unlike most such contests where noone really knows if anyone won the grand prize, here the winners would receive national recognition, and everyone would know who “won”.   In order to win, the contestants would have to enter their lucky pieces into an internet account set up specifically for the game.  Thus, the  winners would have earned the privilege of helping others.

  Brenda Jones wrote @ October 16th, 2008 at 4:29 pm

If this is not a copyright issue, than how about a new version of the “Sorry” game where the goal is for everyone else to reach home before you!

  Zsolt wrote @ October 12th, 2008 at 8:19 pm

Dear Luiz,
Thank you for your suggestion, but I would agree with the others more, that we do not need a leadership on top, we have to target each person directly, and each of us change ourselves, and when we achieve a critical mass, the present leaders, councils, committees, governments will fall aside by themselves.

  Sharon wrote @ October 12th, 2008 at 6:36 am

I think the idea of Luiz Oliveria from Brasil,  is a brilliant one; perhaps a little too advanced for us.

I would like to comment on the comments that were received for this idea. – (What I say is not intended as anything personal on anyone’s part, therefore it is not addressed to any particular individual.)

This whole jumping on the altruism bandwagon, reeks of the so-called world reformers preaching Unity.

Question: What is Unity, and who is “HIM”?

Bottom line; it’s all an illusion, and so are you!

Your illusory selves are included in all the B.S and problems that exist in this world.

Until we (Israel) bring the method of correction to all the other parts (nations of the world); we cannot receive anything for ourselves; and the illusion of this ever worsening world persists.

Why do you think we disseminate?  We need to intermingle with other properties in order to reach equivalence of form, or “altruistic properties”.

– “We are not ready to build a society based on altruistic qualities.”

We have already begun the construction of such a society: it is called the ‘virtual group’.

– “ Such a society has to evolve on it’s own, naturally without coercion.” 

Can we please stop using that phrase as an excuse not to progress further.
‘Without coersion’
has to do with the imposition of the wisdom upon others when they have no desire for it (like bible pushing); not from the action within the self.

Now is our time to act! If this is not understood or agreed upon, then it is strongly advised that you listen to to the 3rd part from Rav’s Daily lesson on 10/03/08: <a href=”http://files.kab.co.il/audio/eng_t_rav_bs-shalom-ba-olam_2008-10-03_shiur_bb.mp3″>“Peace In the World”</a>.

Video of lesson “peace in the world” 10/3: http://files.kab.co.il/video/eng_t_rav_bs-shalom-ba-olam_2008-10-03_shiur_bb.wmv

Audio of lesson “peace in the world” 10/3:

(Taken from the lesson on 10/3: “Peace in the World”)

“We are the first generation of the last generation. Meaning; only now we begin to correct the world; and before that, there were only preparations. Therefore Baal Hasulam says that there are 2 ways ahead of us.”

  David wrote @ October 11th, 2008 at 8:39 pm

If we really think about it, I think we all want to live in this perfectly altruistic world.    But like the basic economics example of Freddy the freeloader spoiling the system for everyone, we need to get everyone on board.   Can it be done?  I think so; it starts with a thought and grows and grows and grows.

Let’s get building!

  Madlena wrote @ October 10th, 2008 at 10:54 pm

It’s an interesting idea, however I have to agree with Lisa. 

1.  We are not ready to build a society based on altruistic qualities.  Such a society has to evolve on it’s own, naturally without coercion.

2.  We have to deal with the source of the problem: egoism.  Everything else will just cover up the problem, “put a bandage on it”, as oppose to dealing directly with the “wound”.

  Geoffrey wrote @ October 10th, 2008 at 8:56 pm

An army of altruism, not fight each other but to work to build a new framework where we connect people that want to be citizens of the world and forget about nationalism and secterianism. We need to develop a new globalism that works in a natural system. I don’t think any artificial created body will have any power over the egoistic structures. If it comes from the people the world that unite through the internet in a new society promoting the good of all humankind, than we may be able to tip the balance.

  lisa wrote @ October 10th, 2008 at 12:20 pm

i’m not sure we’re at the level to create societies as they ‘should’ be. 

you know any process will bring the teaching of Kabbalah, even if the ‘word’ Kabbalah is not mentioned – if we are correctly airmed… the only thing missing in day to day ‘inner and outer’ life is the correct aim – for Him. if we ‘do’ we will ‘Hear’ and this will bring us to back Him.
honestly i can’t even read all the crap about the ‘problems’  of this world. it’s a huge illusion. bottom line: He gave us ego and the ‘ego’ drove us to do as He desired us to do. we did nothing. we do nothing. to get out of this mess we need Him, we need to know we need Him, we need to truly understand that we can and do nothing without Him, and we need to beg Him for His Mercy that we may be returned to Him.

let’s cut the b.s. of ‘why’ and get to the root of how to return. mark z’s idea of making alturism cool, is the way to go. right now we have the opposite marketing and it has worked brilliantly for years. now people are really bored. they don’t want sex or drugs anymore ’cause it is not working. 

so, let’s get a huge ‘help you friend’ campaign going. we can back it up by actually doing. all of us would begin to outwardly ‘do’ for others, starting with our selves, families, groups, community… THE WORLD! other would join in, just like any other campaign. AND, everyone jumps on something ‘new.’ a lot of our corrections can come of playing and practicing as if it is as we play and practice.

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