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March 27, 2023

Kabbalah on the Ukraine Protests and Riots

Kabbalah on the Ukraine Protests and Riots

Below is a collection of material discussing how Kabbalah relates to the protests and riots taking place increasingly in our world today…

Education on the Laws of Nature Is the Means for Reform, Not Resistance

If governments do not understand the law of evolution of human society, people will suffer, but the change will still happen. It is better not to resist, but to study nature, as Kabbalah suggests, to study the laws of mutual guarantee (Arvut), of new relationships of humanity as one body, and follow them.  [Source: Dr. Michael Laitman, “The War for Peace“]


There Will be No Tomorrow if We Continue the Way We Are. Building Tomorrow Requires Integration & Connection

The problem is that the people who are protesting do not yet understand that the reason for all of the dissatisfaction is the loss of hope for the future. This bothers people even more than the fact that there is nothing to live on. A person does not feel that there is something good waiting for him tomorrow. And it is necessary to give people an explanation that there will be no tomorrow if we will continue the way we are! After all, this way we are only speeding up the destruction of the world.

What benefit would it give to overturn everything and to change one thing for something similar? There used to be one head of government and now there will be another one. So what will change, really? Things will only get worse.

Until we become integral and connected with everyone and with the environment into one system, we will not have any feeling or thought that will enable us to build tomorrow. Now, the only question is: How much longer will we have to suffer in order to understand this? How many more blows will we have to endure in order to want to hear it? [Source: Dr. Laitman, “Are Mass Protests an Effective Means of Reform?”]


What Needs to Change so there Will be Peace?

The Guardian: “The least one can say is that this crisis offers proof that it is not the people but experts themselves who do not know what they are doing. In Western Europe we are effectively witnessing a growing inability of the ruling elite – they know less and less how to rule. Look at how Europe is dealing with the Greek crisis: putting pressure on Greece to repay debts, but at the same time ruining its economy through imposed austerity measures and thereby making sure that the Greek debt will never be repaid. …

“And therein resides the true message of the ‘irrational’ popular protests all around Europe: The protesters know very well what they don’t know; they don’t pretend to have fast and easy answers; but what their instinct is telling them is nonetheless true – that those in power also don’t know it. In Europe today, the blind are leading the blind.”

Comment by Dr. Laitman: The process of growing should break out in the leading countries to force management to recognize its inability to understand and control what is happening. At the same time, more people will recognize the need to change their attitude towards themselves and the world, feeling the necessity to change not the world, its management, system, but to change the human being first, by way of the widespread implementation of a short course (2-3 months) in integral education, to raise awareness of the general population to the level where nature forces us to rise. After that, it is possible to introduce gradual reforms at all levels and systems of society. [Source: Dr. Laitman, “The Blind Leading the Blind“]

To learn more about Kabbalah’s attitude to protests, riots, social reform, the global crisis and the way to world peace, it is recommended to take the free courses. The reason is that many of the concepts and terms we have a heard a lot about in our upbringing have completely different definitions in Kabbalah, and it takes a while to process them properly. Therefore, if you’re interested in this topic, and related topics like:

  • Humanity’s globalization and today’s global crisis explained by Kabbalah.
  • How to use nature’s examples to model a perfect existence for humanity.
  • Why have all attempts toward a peaceful existence among humanity failed? What was the missing element in all those attempts?
  • How does Kabbalah provide what was missing in all past attempts to make a peaceful existence for humanity?

…then it’s recommended to take the free courses

Free Kabbalah Course - Self-Study & Live Interactive Classes in the Wisdom of Kabbalah

Images in this post: Top: Bandura, Ivan. “Maidan Reboot on the St. Michael’s Square.” Flickr. Yahoo!, 30 Nov. 2013. Web. 24 Feb. 2014. Middle: Bandura, Ivan. “Riot Police Blocking the Way to the Parliament Building on Sunday Night.” Flickr. Yahoo!, 8 Dec. 2013. Web. 24 Feb. 2014. Bottom: Bandura, Ivan. “Youth of the Nation for Euro Integration.” Flickr. Yahoo!, 28 Nov. 2013. Web. 24 Feb. 2014.



  ROC MAY wrote @ March 6th, 2014 at 6:50 pm

You are great master I’m so proud to learn form you, it’s very deep approach about the Fact. Every problem is coming from inside us Governor or governed, managers or employees, leader follower….Education on the Laws of Nature Is the Means for Reform, Not Resistance for both parties to reach the goal of become integral and connected with everyone and with the environment into one system. Best regards ROC

  JP Jones wrote @ March 3rd, 2014 at 10:00 pm

I sit here STILL unemployed, everyone fighting for the last slave wage jobs remaining here in America. All are being exploited by the Rich Corporations who buy politicians, and take advantage of all the desperation they have created through phony inflation and out sourcing to even more desperate people abroad.

One cannot bargain with Locusts, they will eat everything unless they are exterminated. They cannot change their nature, and one is foolish to expect it. Even now as we study Kabbalah, we still face the utter ruin of our lives, families, and civilization. All the while these Rich Plutocrats sit up at night trying to figure out how to take the last cent that remains.

They ALL KNOW what’s been happening ever since even before Egypt and Syria, and why, but they don’t get it…And they don’t care…

I’m afraid you cannot teach them Michael, but like fools, we shall keep trying.

  Christina wrote @ February 25th, 2014 at 2:33 am

Thank you Rabbi Laitman.

It is so vital for the next generations that the killings in this generation are stopped. Not only the killing of the flesh but of the innovations that will take us all forward. We should not be giving out anymore punches but find workable solutions to narrow the gap between the super rich and the super poor. The middle group is trying. Monopolies are bad for everybody. Both sides have to yield to uplift the first level of development. We have to move away from the powerful who always win and the rest who always loose. We have to eat. We have to sleep. We want to grow. This is all part of nature(natural) and should be understood by the architects and designers of tomorrow. Add more smiles and less tears please.

Help stop the suffering of those who are hungry, homeless and uninspired. Take away the too much stress from the youth.
It should not be a battle to live or stay alive. Simplify the complex deconstructive processes.

Why are so many people dying because of illnessess and not old age anymore? We are not fed properly or educated how to feed ourselves in a way that does not make us chemically dependant 9 out of 10 times. Bottomline, please wakeup and teach yourself the better and ancient ways.

Do your own research and use your own mind. It works perfectly well once you start thinking again and stop following blindly what ever is being marketed. Don’t believe every marketing scheme without first checking and comparing it to scientific facts.

It is your life. You have only one known life in this reality being 2014 now.

A small group still care about you. You are alive. Stay alive.

Final ? – Is your tax structure realistic and ethically fair?

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