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December 7, 2023

Do You Know Humanity’s Spiritual History?

Do You Know Humanity's Spiritual History?

Adam Wasn’t the First Man, but He Was the First Man to Discover Spirituality

The history of Kabbalah corresponds to the history of humankind. It begins at the same time Adam appeared on earth, who (as tradition has it) was the first man. With Adam begins the spiritual evolution of humankind. Adam was the recipient of the first Kabbalah book: The Angel Raziel (Hamalaach Raziel).

A person who lives in this world feels the nature of the world within him or her, as well as the nature of the world around. People who feel both worlds simultaneously are called Kabbalists. The first man sensed those two worlds and described them in his book. That book is now available to us, containing interesting drawings with explanations and diagrams that the first man wrote by himself.

When one opens the book, it is evident that the author is not an uncivilized, uneducated mammoth hunter. He was a Kabbalist of a very high degree. He discovered the fundamental secrets of creation. He studied the upper world, the world where our souls roam before we are born and descend to this world and where they return after our physical death.


Did You Know that Adam Wrote a Book about the Spiritual Journey We all Must Take?

The first man, who was also the first soul that came down to our world, tells us about the evolution and descent of the rest of the souls. He does not tell us about the bodies that would be born in our world, but about those souls that come out of his own, the souls of his children, grandchildren, and great-grand- children. He tells us about the entire humanity that would stem from him, what will happen to it, and when it will rise once more to the root from which it came.

He tells us how these souls will regroup into one soul, a soul that exists on a much higher level than our own, of which we are but fragments. That is what he tells us in The Angel Raziel. The word raziel comes from the Hebrew word raz—the angel of secrets who reveals the secrets of creation.


Who Abraham Really Was: A Kabbalist Who Connected the Spiritual World to Our Own

The primary book that came into our possession after the book of the first man was the book of Abraham the Patriarch, The Book of Creation (Sefer Yetzira). It is a special book and a difficult one to understand, because it is very synoptic, containing only several dozen pages. We’ve known about its existence for thousands of years, but it is impossible to study Kabbalah with it because Abraham did not mean to introduce a study book for those in our world and explain how to develop the sensation of the upper spiritual world. His purpose was not to teach the attainment of the upper world, but only to mark out a few principal laws that he discovered about that world.

However, Abraham the Patriarch described the various interconnections between our world and the spiritual world and demonstrated how the spiritual world operates, where the spiritual forces come from, and how they clothe the bodies of this world. The book explains how each body receives a special force from above, which determines what will happen to it in our world and what will finally become of it—that is, what humanity will attain under the influence of the upper forces.


Comparing the First Spiritual Books of Adam and Abraham

The Book of Creation was written in a different way than The Angel Raziel. It is comprised of chapters (called mishniot), and its language is better organized. Abraham writes about the structure of the spiritual world, about the ten sefirot (properties of the spiritual reality), and management systems, how the upper force (the light) descends, how it is balanced and collected, and how the collective soul is divided into individual souls that descend in a cer- tain order. He writes about relationships between the bodies in this world, under the influence of the souls that clothed them. Although the book is interesting, it is very far removed from today’s souls and can only serve as a learning aid because of its great power.


Why Abraham Paved the Spiritual Path for Us All

The property that characterizes Abraham is called hesed (benevolence). Abraham was known for his hospitality. His book gives humanity his power of hesed, which allowed the following generation to develop and aspire toward spiritual attainment. But the generation that followed Abraham demanded a new revelation, which resulted in the emergence of new Kabbalists.

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Thank you really enjoyed discoverig about Adam, and I have just started to read and study Kabbalah
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