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April 25, 2024

How to Become Together as ONE When We Come from an Individualistic World

Photo from the "We Convention" in North America

Question: How should we come to the ONE Convention and be in this whole atmosphere of togetherness when we come from a world of individualism?

Dr. Michael Laitman: Individualism and separation and these definitions… we see these things today as nothing but trouble. Precisely, out of this world’s troubles, we should explain that we are approaching an opposite, connected world. The more we resist connection, the more troubles we will suffer. We have to start explaining it. Each day, the idea of connection becomes more acceptable in the eyes of the world because the blows are becoming systematic.

Question: How we come and unite at the ONE Convention, and be together when in the outside world there is separation? The world is suffering and is separated and we at the convention are having such a great time, being united and all.

Dr. Laitman: Judging by the despair and problems that exist in the world, I don’t see the world as enjoying, compared to what it had 20, 30 or 50 years ago. Back then, the world and people thought they were progressing toward something good, and look at how quickly these things have been inverted. We just need to explain that we have no choice. We are living in a special process, which exists in Nature, and it is inescapable. If you do not do this or that act, you will suffer more and more.

We are not coming to the world and saying “Let’s all rise to a spiritual degree.” No. We’re not trying to pull them where they don’t want to go. We’re coming to the world and we’re telling them, “Let’s avoid the blows. Let’s try to suffer as little as possible. Let’s detour the problems.” How? By being closer to the laws of Nature. Nature is becoming global, so let’s be global. Not in industry or money. We ourselves have to be global. We ourselves have to be connected. It is not just about a union of banks or industries or whatnot. We need to explain that. Basically, we are just telling the world: “Guys, we have a trick that can help us suffer less.”

Question: How? Is there some kind of reciprocal influence between the work we will be doing at the ONE Convention and things taking place in the world?

Dr. Laitman: Beautiful question. Of course, when we are in the convention we help the world. How? Through the connection among us. This is because the whole of humanity is a single system. Therefore, if in a part of humanity—which is not only in New Jersey, but including all mirror conventions taking place worldwide simultaneously—it all influences the world’s general network. Moreover, since we have this big power and we are in connection with the Upper Force, which sustains the human system, the system accordingly upgrades. It begins to feel within a greater necessity to reach a connected world. Accordingly, we spare the world much pain, and we invoke in the world a greater ability to understand where we have to advance, and by that we also become a more recognizable part in the world.

The world is beginning to subconsciously feel that there is this group in the world, or something where there is the cure for all problems. Our ideology becomes clearer, the reason for the blows, everything becomes clearer. It is very important. That is why the convention is also an act of healing, similar to how you give a series of treatments to a patient who comes to the hospital.

Question: If people are outside of me, they are actually part of my soul, so why do I have to correct my connection with them. Is it not I who needs the correction?

Dr. Laitman: That is considered that I have to make a correction. If I connect with the part of my soul that is separated from me, that part and I are the same, because the ego between us now, this artificial, fake attachment, needs to be removed. How do I remove it? Removing it means… well, it needs to stay, but I have to leap over it. About that, it is written “love covers all transgressions.” Accordingly, the connection I build between us gives me the power of connection according to the ego that is between us. Therefore, the ego that was separating becomes amplified, intensifying the connection between us. That is why when we return to that state after the breaking, we intensify our connection, amplifying our connection 620 times over.

This Q&A is based on the Special Q&A Session with Dr. Michael Laitman in Preparation for the ONE Convention, which took place on Sunday, June 16. Watch the whole video & stay up-to-date with ONE Convention preparation materials here »

North America ONE Kabbalah Convention - August 8-10, 2014 - New Jersey, USA


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