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March 31, 2023

The Joy of Working Together to Grind Away Egoism

The Joy of Working Together to Grind Away Egoism

We should devote our lives to others.

We must constantly struggle and engage in self-analysis in order to find egoistic grains that have to be corrected.
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It’s immense and tireless work that grinds us like a mill, thus altering us. It’s extremely complicated to be constantly squeezed between heavy millstones that cut us alive; moreover, it’s us who should be spinning the millstones with our own hands and yet admire doing this work.

This is a real breakdown for my egoism. I act in relation to the friends, and the friends act in relation to me. I correct myself by means of correcting them. No one does this without others, and he depends on others in all his actions in the positive and negative sense, in joy and sorrow. He depends on their good and bad actions, and they depend on his good and bad actions. This is what the mutual guarantee is. Wishing good for ourselves, our nation, our country, I must take care of everybody. Only then will it be good for me.

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