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July 14, 2024

The 2 Forces At The Heart Of Life – Insightful Quotes


This video animates the following quote from the book Bail Yourself Out: How You Can Emerge Strong from the World Crisis by Dr. Michael Laitman:

“Humanity, like the universe, is a perfect system comprised of myriad elements that interact with each other. Just as billions of galaxies make up the universe, billions of people combine to make up humanity. And just as there are stars, within each galaxy, there are people within nations and states. And the organs, tissue, and cells within each person’s body are like the planets, comets and asteroids orbiting their suns.

Expansion and contraction form the endless ebb and flow of life, propelled at one moment by the desire to give, and at the next moment by the desire to receive. Whether it is galaxies, suns, and planets merging to form our universe or cells, tissue, and organs combining to form a human being, this interplay of desires is at the heart of creation

As with the stars, Planet Earth evolved by expansion and contraction through the interaction of desires. When Earth was first formed, its surface reflected the flow of expansion and the ebb of contraction. Every time the desire to give prevailed, Earth’s sweltering interior would burst into rivers of malted lava. And every time the receiving force prevailed, the lava would cool and form new swaths of land. Eventually, a strong enough crust was formed over the Earth to allow for the emergence of life as we know it

If we search deep enough, we will find the same two forces—giving and receiving—within every being ever created, weaving their magnificent garment of life. In the weaving process, the desire to give first creates matter, as with the Big Bang or a newborn baby, and the desire to receive gives the matter shape, as with the stars and the differentiating cells in organism.”

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