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July 14, 2024

How To Change The World

How To Change The World

Man bears tremendous responsibility over what happens in the world. Because he doesn’t yet understand it—living a life driven by animalistic desires—he is hardly to blame. When this realization comes, however, the real work for which he was created will begin.

By correcting your egoistic desires (the still, vegetative and animate), you also correct the entire universe.


Man as a “Chip off the Old Block”

For instance, let’s assume there is a rock, and let’s call it “the Creator.” This rock comprises a certain percentage of slate, a certain percentage of lime, a certain percentage of gold, and some other minerals. If the rock were shattered, what would be the percentage of the composing elements in each piece? It would be the exact same percentage as in the complete rock. Because each piece is part of the whole, its composition is identical to the entire piece. This is why geologists need only break off a piece of a rock to learn its contents.

Every one of us is a shard from this “rock,” the Creator. We are all comprised of the same qualities of love and bestowal that exist in Him, except we have broken off from Him. What was the cause of this rupture? Egoism—a quality that’s completely opposite to the Creator.


Building the Desire to Become Like the Creator

How do we return to Him? The moment we understand that we are opposite from Him, and wish to return to the Creator, we will immediately embark on the path back to Him. The main objective on the spiritual path is to build the desire for it. However, we must experience this desire thoroughly, to the very end, until it hurts, until we scream with pain!

Desire is the basis for all things in the world, and determines absolutely everything. Your objective is to adhere to the Creator. If you have the desire to do so, you’ll begin to escape the slavery of self-love and you’ll immediately feel changes in your environment. There will no longer be a need to hold conferences on ecology, or green/peace rallies, worry about endangered species, and so on. Humankind will understand that the buck stops with us. We must rise above the ego and begin the journey to the Creator.

This is the message of all the books written by Kabbalists. And the moment we rise above our egos, everything will change. We will finally understand another universal truth: The Creator created us in His image and likeness, and we have never left this state.

What does “in His image and likeness” mean? It means that the Creator (the quality of bestowal) created the world, which operates under the law of bestowal. Having been made in the Creator’s image and likeness, we live in this world and the world exists in us. But it only exists in us to the extent that we observe the law of that world, the law of bestowal.


Aspiring for the Truth by Looking into the Mirror

Man sees the world through his inner qualities. If we are corrupt, the world appears to us as such. If we are pure, so the world appears to us.

All the problems we see in Nature simply mirror what’s happening within us. The impending ecological catastrophe, contamination of rivers and seas, extinction of species, and extreme weather events are all reflections of us, the egoistic essence that has enslaved us. The whole world is within us, waiting for us to realize that we are responsible for everything that happens in it, and complete our correction.

We’ve been living a lie, but now we wish to grasp the truth.

The Secrets of the Eternal Book“How to Change the World” is based on the book, The Secrets of the Eternal Book: The Meaning of the Stories of the Pentateuch by Semion Vinokur.

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  Christina wrote @ August 29th, 2013 at 4:58 am

Who will create peace? Those who live and let live. Who will create war? Those with the incorrect purpose to concur the world. Trust the trustworthy. Each member of humanity received the portion due. Yield to the winds. Those with blood on their hands cannot build the future. We are the human family.

  arthur greenberg wrote @ August 29th, 2013 at 10:01 am

Peace is an opinion, war is also verbage of the same ilk. Postulating what is. DUE is as fine example of ego. We are all born of, and live by blood. RECOGNITION OF EXISTANCE EGO.
Ergo cogito sum. I AM. ERGO. EGO.

  jerry esguerra wrote @ August 31st, 2013 at 9:13 am

if all of us, 7B people of the world unites, become as one, then we would see(start to perceive)a new reality..that is The Creator, and we will finally learn that truly, THERE IS NONE ELSE BESIDES HIM.

  jerry esguerra wrote @ August 31st, 2013 at 9:15 am

Our lives(desires) in “this world” should be an expression of the divinity that is inside all of us

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