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July 14, 2024

Glossary – Tazria—Metzorah (When a Woman Delivers—The Leper) Parsha – Weekly Torah Portion

A Woman in Labor

This is the will to receive that has received the power to develop and beget new acts of bestowal in every man.


The circumcision is a correction of a newly born desire. If it is a man, he must go through a special correction in his prevailing, to stop him from using his Sium, Yesod, in order to touch the Malchut where the greatest, and worst desires can be found, and which can be corrected only at the end of correction. Therefore, one who wishes to be Yashar El (straight to God, Israel), must make a circumcision, meaning limit ourselves from using the desire to bestow beyond the point of one’s Yesod. We also determine these signs as customs in our world.


Menstruation is the blood, the secretions we have after the scrutinies of the desires that can be corrected. We distinguish the desires that cannot be corrected and depart from them, allowing them to part from the desires intended for correction. Subsequently there is immersion (dipping) in water where we must bring the light of Hassadim by which we correct those desires.

A Bird

A bird is our desires at the degree of still (inanimate). It has a special meaning in the offerings. Within the still there is an internal division to vegetative, animate, and human. The human is special and is on a special day. Through the special clothing on us, and the special place, a person brings the special desires in a special combination for the correction called Korban. We must learn all the details, and each time it has a different complexity. This is why it is called “incense,” a bit like a salad. Only by combining the reasons and the right combination between them do we achieve correction. Each time, we put together an entire situation, entire world, and this is our new degree.


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