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July 17, 2024

Yes, You Can Reveal the Creator. But First You Must Read This.

Yes_You Can Reveal the Creator_But First You Must Read This

Unparalleled Greatness—Desiring the Creator’s Perfection

Even if we do not yet possess a true desire to attain the right state, we should still ask the Creator to grant the true desire and faith through the power of prayer. That is, we should ask the Creator to give us a desire to ask, which is now lacking.

Our souls, the “self” of each of us, exist in a perfect condition from the moment the Creator decided how they should exist. This condition may be described as “the condition of absolute peace” (since every action is initiated by the desire to gain a more perfect state), and the condition of absolute happiness (since all the desires created in us by the Creator are absolutely fulfilled).

In order to reach this state, we must acquire the desire to reach it. That is, we should resolve to transform our present aspirations to perfect, altruistic ones. There is no other alternative: “Thus says the Creator: ’If you will not make the right choice of your own accord, then I will place cruel rulers over you, who will force you to return to Me.’”


One Transformation—From Materialistic to Spiritual

Every individual simultaneously possesses two perfect states: the present and the future. At any given time, we experience only the present, but a transformation to the “future” state can be achieved in an instant by altering our natures from being egotistical and materialistic, to being altruistic and spiritual.

The Creator is able to perform such a miracle within each one of us at any given moment, since both states exist simultaneously. The difference is in the fact that we can perceive one state immediately, but not the other perfect state, which exists parallel to the first one, despite our existence in both states simultaneously.

The reason for this occurrence can be explained by the fact that our qualities-desires do not coincide with the qualities of the perfect unperceived state. As the Creator declares, “It is impossible for Me and for you to exist in the same place,” as we are opposite in our desires.


Two Bodies—Egoism and Altruism

For this reason, each of us possesses two conditions, or, as is referred to in Kabbalah, two bodies. Notably, there is the physical body, which we occupy at the present moment and which in Kabbalah is known as “the material sheath.”

On the other hand, it is our desires and our qualities that are considered to be the body in the Kabbalistic sense, since in them is found our souls, which is a part of the Creator. If in our present state, our bodies consist of entirely egotistical desires and thoughts, then only a microscopic particle of our souls, the so-called ner dakik, can penetrate into us as a spark of the Greater Light, which gives us life.

The second body, which exists parallel to the first one, is the spiritual body, which we do not yet sense. It consists of our future altruistic desires and qualities that constitute our absolute soul, that is, that part of the Creator which will be unveiled in the future, once the correction process is complete.

The qualities of both the egoistic and the altruistic bodies, and their life-giving forces, are divided into feelings and intellect, which we perceive with our hearts and our minds. The egoistic body desires to receive with the heart and to grasp with the mind, whereas the altruistic body desires to give with the heart and to believe with the mind.

We are not able to alter either of these two bodies. The spiritual one cannot be changed because it is completely perfect, and the present one is completely immutable and cannot be corrected at all because it was designed as such by the Creator.


The Third Body—The Spiritual Link

But there exists a third body, which serves as a connecting link between the other two. The middle body, directed from Above, consists of constantly changing desires and thoughts, which we should strive to correct ourselves and to ask the Creator for their correction. It is in this way that we connect the middle body, known as klipat noga, with the spiritual body.

When we become able to link all the constantly emerging desires and thoughts with the spiritual body, our egoistic body will then depart and we will acquire a spiritual body. At that point, the Creator will alter all the qualities of the egoistic body to become opposite ones, and the entire innate egoism will transform into absolute altruism.

Attaining the Worlds Beyond

Yes, You Can Reveal the Creator. But First You Must Read This” is based on the book, Attaining the Worlds Beyond by Dr. Michael Laitman.

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