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July 17, 2024

How to Cross the Barrier into the Spiritual World | Ask The Kabbalist

How to Cross the Barrier into the Spiritual World | Ask the Kabbalist

How to Cross the Barrier into the Spiritual World | Ask the Kabbalist

Ask the Kabbalist, Episode 7, with Dr. Michael Laitman

In this episode, Dr. Michael Laitman answers the following questions:

  • How can the barrier to the spiritual world be crossed? Is it done individually or collectively?
  • Do men need more spiritual corrections than women?
  • Why do I feel confused with my desire to discover the meaning of life and the ones I had previously in my life?
  • According to Kabbalah, how can we implement the right intention in practice, into an action?

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  frieda wrote @ February 13th, 2017 at 2:41 pm

Does any Kabbalist have some “PROOF” for existence of GOD??
What do kabbalists think of mediums such as John Edwards and James Van Praggah? Do they think it is for real, since that would be “PROOF”??

  bbadmin wrote @ February 14th, 2017 at 6:45 am

Thanks for your great questions, Frieda.
1. God is the general attribute of love and bestowal that sustains the whole universe and all the worlds. It is the positive force (which the wisdom of Kabbalah calls Light) that created matter and develops this matter to resemble Him. This force is called God, or the Creator or the Upper, simply because He is higher than all the other forces. Read more at http://laitman.com/2014/12/does-god-exist/

2. There are some people in our world that are more sensitive than others. And they are called psychics because they can disclose various material phenomena that are invisible to others.

But Kabbalists are not involved with this. A Kabbalist won’t predict the future, manufacture amulets, or give blessings.

He is only concerned with the correction of the entire creation so that the forces that come into our world will act more favorably for everyone. If he were to be concerned about someone according to his choice: yes for some and no for others, this would no longer be bestowal and love for others.

A Kabbalist is concerned about everything being better for the entire world. He won’t allow himself to do something special for his relatives and for himself and forget about the others. Here a short talk on the topic of ESP and Psychic Powers, from a kabbalistic point of view http://www.kabbalah.info/engkab/kabbalah-video-clips/paths-what-are-esp-and-psychic-powers#.WKJ_cNIrK1s

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